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Home Editorials of Interest Articles of Interest Legislator Mark Chen says China is behind the prosecution of Chen Shui-bian (Photos)

Legislator Mark Chen says China is behind the prosecution of Chen Shui-bian (Photos)

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Legislator Mark Chen worries about Chen Shui-bian's health

Taiwan Political Prisoner Report, January 14, 2013. Chen Tan-sun, also known as Mark Chen, agreed to talk about Chen Shui-bian’s case. We met in the cafeteria of the legislative office building where Mark Chen’s office is located.

Mark Chen was blunt about what has happened and who is responsible: “China is the major factor behind what Ma is doing. Ma obviously listens to China and so China, under Hu Jintao, was putting the line, even directions, to Ma Ying-jeou. Because, if you study the Chinese history, the so-called Kuomintang, which is Ma Ying-jeou’s party, and the Communist Party, they were brothers way back in China.”

View slideshow: Legislator Mark Chen

Chen gave a little history lesson to illustrate his point: “Under Chiang Kai-shek the Kuomintang were stronger than under Ma. After Chiang Kai-shek came over he talked about taking China back. But that was never remotely possible, so he was stuck in Taiwan. Chiang built Taiwan as a bastion to take over mainland China, but that is not even a real dream.”

“So what I am saying is the Kuomintang and the Communist Party, those two parties, they are brothers. In the Democratic Progressive Party here in Taiwan, we don’t have anything to do with China,” said Chen.

“ If you want to take a good look at the Kuomintang’s history, the Kuomintang was formed in 1911. The Kuomintang has been around one hundred and one years and only lost twice in the party’s favor. The first loss was to the Communist Party led by Mao Tse-tung. The Kuomintang was overthrown by Mao and the Communist Party. That took place in China. The Chinese have been here since 1945 and they continue to govern Taiwan, since 1945.”

“Up until 1986, when the DPP was founded, martial law still controlled. In 1987, when martial law was lifted, finally we have two major parties. But Taiwan has been isolated. The Communist Party has had nothing to do with Taiwan for many years. Due to United States military aid and protection Taiwan has been able to develop into its own system. The Kuomintang continued to flourish, continued to control Taiwan,” Chen recounted.

:But in the year 2000, in the presidential election, for the first time the DPP was able to win over the power from the KMT. For 2000 was the historic year which made the transition realized in Taiwan. That happened again as second time in 2004 when former-President Chen Shui-bian was reelected again. What I am saying is that over the one hundred and one years of KMT’s history, they only lost power twice. The first time was by Mao Tse-tung, the second time was by Chen Shui-bian, “explained Mark Chen.

“The Chinese people in the Kuomintang, they were defeated by the Taiwanese people,” said Chen.

“During the fifty years of Japanese control, we received a different type of education. We had a different kind of thinking. From the Chinese point of view, they could not afford to have outsiders control the government. That is precisely why they want to give hard times to Chen Shui-bian. Also, they want to give the ROC people a lesson, you better be careful because we cannot allow you to have your own administration, particularly if you want to promote the idea of “one Taiwan--one China”. And that was the basic idea promoted by President Chen Shui-bian.”

“President Chen said Taiwan is a de facto, independent country that has nothing to do with China. But China has always wanted to claim Taiwan. China said no, Taiwan is part of China. This idea has been accepted by Ma Ying-jeou….So Ma has been trying to make peace with China at the expense of Taiwan’s security,” warned Legislator Chen.

“The policies that have been carried out by Mr. Ma have allowed China to consider Taiwan as almost a de facto part of China now….Their government has declared Taiwan is part of their territory, yet there is no rebuke or any reactions from our government back to China saying no….Gradually it is going to spread out to the whole world, people will say Taiwan is part of China.”

Chen said, “The United States is the only country powerful enough to save Chen Shui-bian and to stop China from doing harm to Taiwan….The Chinese government is a barbarian government; it is a different kind of culture. The United States does not speak in a clear way because of China. They make it ambiguous.”

“I was born here in Taiwan. I want to make my effort to make Taiwan a beautiful country where people can enjoy freedom, democracy, and the core values that have been enjoyed by people around the world under the leadership of the United States. That is something I cannot give up,” said Mark Chen.

“If one day something happens to Taiwan, China came over, I will be wanted by China like Chen. China has put President Chen in jail; they are trying to kill him through the judicial system. They say this is not a political case because he was corrupt, a criminal. But we have to distinguish between the political contributions and some other illegal action, that is important.”

Source: Michael Richardson - Boston Progressive Examiner

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US Representative Scott Garrett has introduced a resolution to the US Congress declaring that Taiwan deserves membership in the UN.

Garrett, a Republican, did so as the UN General Assembly opened its annual session in New York.

“Year after year, the UN has failed to offer the 23 million people of Taiwan and their freely elected government representation on the world stage,” Garrett said. “The world body can no longer act as if the unelected communist government of the People’s Republic of China truly represents the interests of Taiwan. Currently, Taiwan is the only democratically governed nation in the world that does not enjoy a single vote in the General Assembly.”