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Home Editorials of Interest Articles of Interest An excerpt of The Imprisoned Taiwan by Prof. Yuan Hon-Bin on why he wrote this book to defend President Chen

An excerpt of The Imprisoned Taiwan by Prof. Yuan Hon-Bin on why he wrote this book to defend President Chen

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During Chen's presidency, Taiwan became a de facto free country, ranked among the freest in the world and the freest in Asia. To me, this is a miraculous achievement. Of 1.6 billion of Chinese speaking people, only those 23 millions of Taiwanese received this enviable status as being free.

However, Chen Shui-Bian, a politician who created freedom for all Taiwanese, has lost his own freedom. This incredulous and ironic outcome is an insult to justice. I am bound to inquire into his case because of several reasons. First, it is due to my life long pursuing of freedom. Second, it is because Chen Shui-Bian is CCP's most hated person since he announced his political belief of "One China, One Taiwan" as the president of Taiwan, which brought Taiwan's sovereignty issue onto the world stage. Not only is Chen the most hated person to CCP, he is also the biggest common enemy of KMT elites. To these KMT elites, the presidency and power are their entitlements and they cannot tolerate a "lowly" Taiwanese to "steal" these entitlements from them. After Chen Shui-Bian was imprisoned, these KMT elites became so hysterical to a point that they celebrated it by fantasizing the humiliation Chen had to suffer when he was checked into the prison, including a cavity search. The malicious and spiteful reaction of these KMT elites makes me wonder if it is because Chen is completely the opposite of them.

When Chen was the president, he expressed his support toward Tibet's freedom fighters. In 2010, I led a group to visit Dalai Lama. When Dalai realized that a few members of our group came from Taiwan, he immediately asked them if President Chen was doing OK in the prison. Dalai Lama also expressed his wish to visit Chen in the prison; however, this wish was discouraged by an official working for the Dalai Lama Foundation because this particular official was afraid to offend Ma and KMT elites. Therefore, I took it upon myself to convey to Chen the well wish from Dalai Lama.

When I finally got to visit Chen in 2010, we could only talk through a phone separated by a thick layer of glass. I don't remember much of our conversation but I focused all my attention to read the soul behind his eyes. From Chen's eyes, I saw a deep sorrow but also a truthful and strong will. From that moment, I believe in his innocence because his eyes convey nothing but truthfulness.

I started to contemplate why this prisoner in front me would rather be oppressed by all political powers, including CCP, KMT, and even the US, than sell out the interest of Taiwan. In no way a person this loyal to the fundamental value of Taiwan would betray his responsibility as a president by embezzling money, I thought.

I am aware that Chen has provided some monetary supports to a few Chinese democracy activists. Many of them expressed their gratitude when Chen was still in power. However, after Chen was imprisoned, none of these activists expressed any concern or support for his human rights. Instead, they claimed that the money they received were from ROC, not CSB. To me, they shamed Chinese as a race.

I became the first Chinese to visit Chen in prison. With this, I want to announce to the world that not all Chinese are ingrates. After visiting Chen, I thought that I could now move on; however, the trust Chen bestowed in me became a responsibility and a destiny which I must follow to find out the truth of his corruption charges.

Due to the power struggles within CCP, a large amount of classified documents were leaked out. Among them, I obtained detailed documentation of the plan to destroy Chen Shui-Bian.

I believe that the "corruption" charge against Chen Shui-Bian is probably the worst political persecution in 21st century. This person imprisoned in that torturous cell symbolizes the destiny of Taiwan's freedom.

When I started writing the book, I could not find the inspiration because Taiwan's political scene is so bleak. Although there are loyal supporters, mostly common folks, whose devotion has never wavered, the majority of former comrades of Chen, who are much more powerful politically, are avoiding Chen like the plague and would visit him in the prison only for political gains. However, I firmly believe that if Taiwanese remain oblivious to Chen's suffering for Taiwan, Taiwanese would be condemned by God. If Chen could not regain his freedom, the freedom of Taiwan will also languish.



Who is behind the jailing and torture of President Chen?

Who is behind the jailing and torture of President Chen? The answer is Chinese Communist Party (CCP), according to Yuan Hon-Bin, a Chinese political dissident born in inner Mongolian. Yuan is currently teaching in a college in Taiwan. He claimed that, in an interview on YAM TV on May 18th, after reading the recent leaked documents from China, it was CCP that started a well-organized plan to bring down President Chen since he was elected in 2000. Yuan admitted that he was wrong in his harsh criticism of the "corruption" of Chen and his family in his book, Taiwan Disaster (台灣大劫難:2012不戰而勝台灣) published in 2009. He asserts now that the "corruption" charges were completely orchestrated by CCP. All these are discussed in his new book, the Imprisoned Taiwan.

Yuan claimed that CCP was behind the Assassination of Chen on March 19 in 2004 too. The assassin Chen I-Hsiang later was killed by CCP as a cover-up. CCP bribed many retired military generals of KMT and got Lien Chan, the chairman of KMT at the time and the defeated presidential candidate, to start an all-out war against Chen, joining forces of media, military, judicial system, politicians, etc. These attaches included the attempted coup by the red-shirt guard led by Shih Ming-Deh and all the bogus charges against Chen and his family. Yuan acknowledged the extraordinary will of President Chen to maintain his political stance on protecting Taiwan's sovereignty despite these attacks and the torture in prison. What is the fastest way to get Chen out of jail? It would be that President Chen gives up his political belief and succumbs to Chinese imperialism. Yuan stated that Chen would be released and promoted to a high position in CCP if he is willing to give in.

Yuan's book, titled "The Imprisoned Taiwan", discloses many classified documents. CCP also wanted to make sure that Chen had no chance to come back by cutting off all of his financial supports. Chen might have planned to run for president again in 2012 and his oversea account was intended for his come back bid. In conclusion, Yuan pointed out that imprisoning President Chen is imprisoning Taiwan. Yuan also called on DPP to support Chen, defying CCP. China, according to Yuan, is in a major brooding crisis. The scale of corruption in China is beyond comprehension and a major shake-up, bigger than the culture revolution, could destabilize China. There is no need to exaggerate the might of CCP insomuch to lose confidence to fight it.

Source: Taiwan eNews

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