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Home Editorials of Interest Articles of Interest Respected Taiwanese elder urges clean break with Republic of China in-exile

Respected Taiwanese elder urges clean break with Republic of China in-exile

Yang Liu Hsiu-hwa, the widow of Taiwanese Independence advocate C.C. Yang, has stepped into the public arena at age 90 years-old to speak for Taiwan.

Mrs. Yang was moved to action by a recent article in the Liberty Times where it was pointed out that Taiwan’s incomplete construction of a sovereign independent state was because of the presence of another government’s system, the Republic of China.

Mrs. Yang wrote in the English-language sister newspaper Taipei Times:  “Thirteen years ago, in the article “Taiwanese Independence, Sovereignty and the Republic of China”, my late husband C.C. Yang concluded that, “the only way is to clearly define the distinction between Taiwan and China--the clearer the better--and believe that if we do all these, Taiwan can gain acceptance of all countries and emerge to become a truly sovereign and independent state.”

“The recent incident of the Philippine government sending Taiwanese fraud suspects to China is the product of the system of the ROC government. If you don’t want to break away from the system, you can only blame yourself and not President Ma Ying-Jeou’s administration.”

Mrs. Yang concluded, “To save Taiwan from Chinese annexation, we should all recognize this fact and work on breaking away--as soon as possible--from this government in-exile system.”

Last year Mrs. Yang hosted a lecture on human rights in Taipei where American responsibilities to the people of Taiwan under the San Francisco Peace Treaty were discussed.

Chi-chuan Yang published a booklet in 1998 titled I Am A Taiwanese Not A Chinese.  Yang’s booklet has five essays, the first being about the title.

The second of Yang’s essay’s is titled “My Own Country Is Increasingly Beyond My Comprehension” which deals with the various names applied to the island.

Yang’s third essay is titled, “Taiwan’s Destiny Must Be Determined by the People of Taiwan.”  Yang dismisses the notion that the People’s Republic of China should have any say at all on the matter of Taiwan’s sovereignty.  

The fourth essay is simply, “Taiwan is Taiwan, China is China.”  Yang dispels the idea of “one China” as controlling Taiwan’s fate.

The fifth essay is the one cited by Mrs. Yang in her Taipei Times commentary.

Source: Michael Richardson - Boston Progressive Examiner

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