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As the World Turns in Taiwan II: More Games than One In Kaohsiung

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Kaohsiung, Taiwan is gloriously hosting the 8th World Games this year and some 105 countries are here to participate. But the World Games are not the only game in town. Last year when Chen Yunlin from China visited the country, Ma Ying-jeou did not want to admit he was president in front of him. He was introduced as Mr. Ma so as not to offend China. This year, however, things are different. Ma opened the games as the President of Taiwan. So why the change?

Surprise, surprise there are elections coming up this December and Ma needs votes from the south for his Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) candidates. So true to his chameleon nature Ma has changed and put on his pro-Taiwan hat. He always does it for elections but don't worry it will only be for a brief time.

Wonder also why the hot topic of ECFA has suddenly dropped off the radar also. Ma had wanted it signed as soon as possible, but the elections reared their head for that as well. Now ECFA is on the back burner so that the KMT non-transparent pushing it down Taiwan's throat is delayed. But once the December elections pass, expect Ma to go back to being Mr. Ma and the KMT will try to ramrod ECFA through.

There is still yet another game being played in Kaohsiung. The team from China boycotted the opening ceremony. They did not want to be present where they marched alphabetically but Taiwan came last since it was the host country. They likewise did not want to hear the verboten statement, "The President of the Republic of China will open the games." So what did they do? They arrived late.

Late? Yes even though the dates of the games had been determined for some two years, China had a mix-up and scheduled their flights too late to make it for the opening ceremony. So now their athletes are dribbling in on later flights. Sports are sports, and politics are politics, but not quite when China and Taiwan are involved.

Did we miss them in Kaohsiung? No. They are still the rapacious beggar that wants to take over the temple of Taiwan, and Taiwan's answer is "Hit the road Jack, and don't you come back no more, no more, no more." Unfortunately with the changeable Ma masquerading as President, they will no doubt be invited back.

Jerome F. Keating's writings

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Aboriginal and civic groups yesterday protest in front of the National Police Agency against what they say has been police harassment of Aborigines who participated in spraying graffiti on the facade of the Guangfu Township Office in Hualien County last month.
Photo courtesy of the Association for Taiwan Indigenous Peoples’ Policy

Aboriginal and civic groups yesterday accused the government of conducting a “political witch hunt” with its pursuit of activists who spray-painted the Guangfu Township (光復) Office building in Hualien County to demand the restoration of Aboriginal names to tribal areas.

Early on Oct. 19, the Fa-Ta Alliance for Attack and Defense (馬太攻守聯盟), an Aboriginal group with members from the local Fataan and Tafalong communities in Hualien, painted graffiti on the facade of the office reading: “The land is the eternal nation” and “Whose restoration [(光復, guangfu)]? Names [of places] should be left to the master of the land,” along with the Aboriginal names of the two tribes.