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Defend Our Great and Wise Predecessors of Taiwan, Be an Angel of Taiwan!

Our faith, the Taiwanese Taoism, is a pro-localization movement that arises in the modern day Taiwan.  It’s about, in the more distant ages, the Taiwanese heroes who, over the past 400 years, are willing to stand up against violence; and, in more modern times, are the well-known (by everyone) great Bodhisattvas of the February 28th Movement as well as the Great Predecessors who courageously fought the unjust and corrupt Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) during the Taiwanese White Terror.

Some of you might want to ask: What about those who were sacrificed during the 823 Artillery Bombardment?  I said that these brave souls who sacrificed their lives for the sake of protecting Taiwan are, without any doubts, the Bodhisattvas who defended Taiwan.  Therefore, it can be said that the faith of Taiwanese Taoism transcends ethnicities, religions, and political orientations of blue or green.


I don’t know why the current political administration of Taiwan, the KMT, is especially adversarial toward the faith of Taiwanese Taoism, often picks on us, and pays “special attention” to or harasses us.  This makes one wonder whether KMT is becoming “pro-China”, and attempts to imitate the authoritarian Chinese administration's oppression of China local, native faith – Falungong…..?


There is no idol worshipping in the faith of Taiwanese Taoism.  It’s an alliance and union of Taiwan’s nation-building spirit and determination.  Therefore, the so-named Taiwanese Gods, Divinities, or Angels are simplified, symbolic terms for Taiwan’s national essence and spirits.  Whoever has faith in Taiwan’s nation-building ideology all can be called a spiritual cultivator of Taiwanese Taoism.


If one takes this kind of Taiwanese Taoism spiritual cultivation as the greatest or most significant job in one’s life, then even the Red-Tide worshipping, Greater China Imperialism conception and the self-undermining Ma Ying Jeou’s pro-China and flagrant pro-Unificationism, none of all these will be able to daunt the Taiwanese with such a faith.


In the beginning of Jewish people’s nation-building quest, they have no troops; and are nothing but an ad hoc mob.  Only after five to six million people’s lives were sacrificed, were they awakened to the necessity of independence and nation-building.  As a result, by using faith as their foundation, the Jewish people established the nation of Israel on the land that God had promised them. 


Taiwan’s nation-building endeavor must break away from all religious sects’ parochialisms.  Utilize the faith of Taiwanese Divinities as the supreme ideology.  Turn our Great Ancestors’ and Predecessors’ sacrifices into the actions and movement for nation-building.  Knock down the “enterprise that sells out Taiwan.”  Build an ideal, beautiful, and democratic Republic of Taiwan.  Never wait until the time of five or six million people’s deaths, then recall the morals that Taiwanese Divinities and Spirits tirelessly conveyed to the Taiwanese people.  It will be too late then. 

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People yesterday hold placards at Liberty Square in Taipei to denounce the military coup in Myanmar.
Photo: Ann Wang, Reuters

Hundreds of people from Taiwan’s Burmese community yesterday rallied in central Taipei to denounce the coup in Myanmar, singing defiant songs and holding white and red roses in mourning for those who have died protesting the military.