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Home Articles Dr. Yang's Column Red Cops in Taiwan – Assaulting on Former President Chen Shui-Bien makes one a Double Ten Day VIP, Protesting against Zhang Ming-Qing is Prosecuted?!

Red Cops in Taiwan – Assaulting on Former President Chen Shui-Bien makes one a Double Ten Day VIP, Protesting against Zhang Ming-Qing is Prosecuted?!

Here comes Taipei’s cops again.  These “chip-on-the-shoulder” creatures always use obeying superiors’ orders as excuses to pay “special attention” to the “booth” for “Worshipping Taiwanese Divinities.”



These troublemaking, fault-finding cops’ behaviors do not have legal justification, nor do they pertain to the principle of “playing by the rule.”  The only reason for the cops to find faults with us was that we, the Daixde Educational and Cultural Foundation, did not set up our booth inside a tent.  Now, it is finally clear to us that the cops were actually obeying the order of Ma Ying-Jeou’s superior: The People’s Republic of China!


In the past, the fundamental objective of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) was to overthrow the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) and then establish a democratic Republic of Taiwan.  Unexpectedly, within the Republic of China’s electoral framework, per chance and inadvertently, the DPP won and overtook the Republic of China’s remnant political power base at Taiwan.  As a result, such an administration ended up losing much of the dynamics and drives for nation-building.  Former president Chen Shui-Bien’s outcry of “one country on each side of the straight” has been fully wiped out by DPP’s political in-fighting.  The result of being compassionate and tolerant to the KMT and Taiwan’s pro-China elements is to put the current Ma administration in the office, who manipulates the constitution and legal system of the same old Republic of China to hastily close up with China and conspire for the iniquity of unification.  Other than a call for a REVOLUTION, what else can the Taiwanese people do?


Taiwan’s actions of peaceful street rallies could not shake Ma’s political administration.  Since Ma has already reached agreements on every step of the entire unification process by talking to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), he cannot suspend the developments even if he wants to.  Taiwanese people’s bloody revolutionary movement must begin now!  Currently, Taiwan is only fighting with a domestic, pro-China KMT.  The possibility of a gambit for victory remains.  Nevertheless, once the unification is complete, Taiwan’s fight against the CCP authority will be extraordinarily disastrous (and even more bloody)…..How long can the Taiwanese people wait?


Right now, the long-term “meditation” advocacy movement spearheaded by Professor Tsai Ting-Kuei (蔡丁貴, seeHunger strikes continue at the Legislative Yuan by Flora Wang; Taipei Times, Oct. 27, 2008) is only a small fuse for a full detonation.  As we proceed to a full fledge uprising of Taiwanese people against the Ma administration and Ma’s violent transgressions of our sovereignty, we must be determined to make unconditional sacrifices, including sacrifices of our lives.  Don’t be afraid of being put in jail, being oppressed or arrested by the pro-China cops.  In order to avert Ma’s relentless obliteration of Taiwan, Taiwan’s next step on the path to successful nation-building is REVOLUTION.


Revolution includes the quiet and silent type, and the “military” revolution.  Everyone has his or her own calculus.  Let us begin the planned contributions and actions!

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An activist dressed as a Chinese soldier and a Tibetan monk perform a street drama in Taipei yesterday depicting Tibet’s uprising 54 years ago against Chinese rule.
Photo: Chuang Pichi, Reuters

Hundreds of Tibetans and supporters yesterday took to the streets of Taipei to commemorate the 54th anniversary of the 1959 Tibetan Uprising and the 110 Tibetans who have self-immolated to protest against Chinese occupation, while calling for an end to Chinese repression of Tibetans.

“Free Tibet! Tibet belongs to Tibetans! China, get out of Tibet!” demonstrators chanted in Tibetan, Mandarin and English as they marched from Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station to Taipei 101.