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An Analysis of the Unificationists' Mental Confusion

The way to build a nation on Taiwan requires full utilization of various tactics: attacks, counter-attacks, and counter-advancements.  With president Chen Chui-Bien representing the Taiwanese sovereignty’s in the National Administration, the Taiwanese should master the Chinese Imperialists’ style of governance; in turn, applying such ruling method while governing the Chinese Imperialists.  Ruling a country is like doing a small time cooking.  With addition of spices, and without major changes, is capable of completing a full mountain of works while revealing the political ghosts’ and goblins’ conspiracies and thereby rendering all their plots unfeasible.

The Unificationists hunger for power, money, and influence can be practiced in Mainland ChinaTaiwan’s nation building demands principled sovereignty and security, active participation in the global economy and international markets, and well-established commercial trading with friendly nations.  Such are the normal and proper developmental path of a country.  The way I see it: The Chinese anti-business zealotry has already materialized.  Since the ancient times, the Chinese Imperialist mentality has never, and will never, change easily.  Demanding democracy, human rights, and rule of law is extremely difficult: “single-head politics” always wins.  Even in Taiwan, such single-heads rule.  The Chinese are also accustomed to the Chinese-killing-Chinese internecine, while disallow Taiwanese participation in politics.  When facing the facts that Taiwanese people losing their lives under the “single-head” dictatorship, the Chinese don’t even bother to take such atrocities seriously.  What many cannot tolerate are these China-indoctrinated “single-head” characters.  In ancient China, the emperors called themselves kua jen (literally means “few, unique”)…truly surreal.  Accordingly, the Chinese mafia at Taiwan becoming an evil force of anti-Taiwan, selling Taiwan and betraying Taiwan is not to be surprised.  Their anti-democratic mentality has no purpose other than to continue and perpetuate their dreams of privileged rule.  Such hysterical and rebellious behavior toward the Taiwanese self-governing also proves that the current generation of Chinese mafia and their pawns are infected with “Political Deposing Phobia Syndrome.”

To say that the Taiwanese people’s hypocritically home-loving mentality is the enslaving result of a lengthy period of education designed by the ruling filled with “grater China” propaganda, I rather say that the Unificationist education had, early on, tamed the Taiwanese people into submissiveness.  The “greatness” of such educational propaganda is that once those being ruled are tamed into docile slaves and servants, they actually ended up knowing only to appreciate and return favor to the ruling power, without consideration of a normal human’s characters, fairness, and justices.

The awakened Taiwanese come from overseas: the lands without slaves and servitudes.  To breakthrough the leveled and embedded symbiotic ruling system, in addition to relying on importing democratic ideology from overseas, we also need to rely on assistances from democratic nations like the US, Japan and the European countries.  Even now that Chen Shui-Bien is elected as Taiwan’s national president, our country still needs to borrow a trashy shell, such as the Republic of China, to face the public.  This shows that very many obstacles remain for the Taiwanese people to self rule.

The unificationist China party (aka KMT), for a long time, has always been afraid of US assistant to Taiwanese democracy.  Because of foreign democratic states’ assistance, Taiwan is enabled to become a “green” land: only then can today’s politically “green” Chen Shui-Bien was given the opportunity to the administration.  The unificationist China party becomes hostile against the US, against Japan, against this, against that, against everything; and parasitically manipulates democracy to destroy democracy.  They not only loosely abandon the Republic of China’s communist fighting principle to flatter China, but also demand complete destruction of Taiwan.  Hence, they become the evil forces that are against growth of democracy.  The 23 million Taiwanese should be able to perceive such unificationists’ confusion phenomena.  Therefore, we, the Taiwanese people must insist on our own path to democracy. 

Psychoanalysis of this Chinese mafia reveals the following types of mental Defense Mechanism:

1.      Does not trust the CCP regime yet allies with and depends on the Chinese communists to attack Taiwanese administration.

2.      Has no interest in becoming a Chinese of Mainland China due to extreme lack of trust of the CCP regime.

3.      Earnestly wants to become a citizen of the US, UK, Canada, Western European nations, Australia, and New Zealand yet expects Taiwanese people to surrender to China.

4.      Perceives oneself as an aristocratic Chinese when among the Taiwanese, yet lowers oneself when facing the pure blood Chinese of Mainland China and afraid to compete against them.

5.      Polarizes the Chinese in China by dividing them into the aristocratic ruling class and the lower class of poor, just like their fond separation of the rulers and rulees in Taiwan; all these originate from the feudal Chinese imperialist mentality.

6.      The Unificationists are not interested in building and embettering Taiwan, but are only interested in grabbing and exploiting Taiwan’s ruling authority.  Once money and power are obtained, they will leave.

7.      Because they’ve been long in low self-esteem, the unificationists are prone to self-aggrandizements and behaviorally obsessed to suppress anything local and native.

8.      The unificationists hold the narrow-minded mentality of “anything I failed to obtain, you shouldn’t think about obtaining.”

9.      Uses the ROC flag to intimidate the Taiwanese people, but switches flags to surrender when facing CCP officials.

10.  Expects the Taiwanese people to surrender to the CCP with the Unificationists, therefore openly calling out the slogan of “Anti-Military Purchase, Want Peace.”

11.  Internationally calls out One China Principle, (this “one China” being PRC) while domestically also declares the so-called “One China Principle” with ROC as the one China to disguise their China-my-home belly.

12.  In order to protect their obtained power and privileges, willingly sacrifices their children and grandchildren’s future at Taiwan to oppose the pro-Taiwan A-Bien’s administration.

13.  Even now uses all means at disposal to conspire for a joint effort of KMT and Chinese communists until the Unificationists’ grand old hardliners succeed in political administration.

The Unificationists originated from the 1945 waterloo, and “CCP bandits” fearing engendered escaping through the sea to attack Taiwan.  In the early years, the old Chiang calls out “Fight Back to Mainland China.”  In the middle period there is the young China’s Three-No’s Principle.  Due to the United States moving towards the “One China Principle,” KMT turns from prosperity to hollowness.  And the Unificationists change from upholding Three Principles of the People for unifying China to today’s comprehensive surrender to the communists.  Yet the democratization of Taiwan’s legal order and the repeal of criminal laws’ Article 100 actually supply the Unificationists’ carrying-democracy-to-destroy-democracy leeway for disturbance; and striking to the point of disabling a strong chap like A-Bien.  As for now, they even coordinate in the fashion of “allying with communists to suppress Taiwan” and intensifying domestic ethnic conflicts by polarizing the groups; becoming an accomplice of the Chinese communists.  Everyone please take a look: the behaviors of these unificationist law makers in the Legislative Yuan; aren’t they like a bunch of dancing demons?


Curing the Unificationists’ Mental Confusion Requires Medication: a Discussion

1.      Pursue the truthful reality of Taiwan’s international status, and build Taiwan’s status within the framework of international laws.

2.      Actively pursue and carry out civilian diplomacy and demand that the United States (as well as the rest of the world) understands Taiwan’s mainstream popular viewpoint.

3.      Creating a new constitution and name rectification should be progressively proceeded; without paying attention to the Unificationists’ outcries.

4.      Precisely diagnose the Unificationists’ mental confusion’s symptoms and eliminate their institutions’ positions in government; for Taiwan must require popular consensus in order to repel the communists, restrain the Unificationists, and save Taiwan.

5.      Adroitly deploy street protests and activities to inspire popular resolve and support.


Taiwan’s Nation-Building also Needs Procedures

1.      Eliminate the ROC constitution and create a new constitution for the Republic of Taiwan.

2.      Eliminate the ROC totems, from the insides to outsides.

3.      Acknowledge the existence of Taiwan’s independent sovereignty as the reality and proceed into the course of Taiwan’s nation-building.

4.      The history of Taiwan’s international status needs to re-emerge; and hold all kinds of forums and verbal-outcry-on-street activities.

5.      The political administration should draft up the strategies and procedures for nation-building, obtain the entire nation’s consensus, and invite the civilian activist groups to participate in the creation of the constitution.

6.      The party in administration should initiate symposiums to discuss Taiwan’s constitution.

7.      Establish a citizen’s lawmaking mechanism.  The people of the Republic of Taiwan must proactively join forces to deal with the “allying with communists to suppress Taiwan” activities.  The countering schemes can vary from civil to military, depending on the situation.  The influence of the tertiary force among the civilians holds the key function.



The Unificationists had already fallen into the “allying with communists to suppress Taiwan,” which is effectively within the Chinese communists’ warfare sphere.  They all are low in morale and guilt in conscience.  Their show of enthusiastic, brave, and fierce behavior is only an illusion.  The Taiwanese people should activate everyone to spread and communicate communist-resisting and nation-building ideologies.  As long as the administration authority persevere, people will support at all costs.

According to the KMT-CCP meeting and the information purposely displayed by China’s governmental website, one can easily notice Chinese leaders hold some expectation regarding Ma Ying-Jeou and believes that Ma is likely to be elected as the next president.  And once he is elected, a secret meeting between KMT and CCP will be the basis for a four-year layout: the first year, 2008, unconditional Three Direct Links will be declared.  The second year will open up Taiwan for Chinese labors to replace non-Taiwanese foreign labors.  The third year will open up to recognize PRC academic diplomas and certificates to accommodate unification in the future.  The fourth year will establish a timetable for unification, gradually untie Taiwan’s military power, station PLA at Taiwan, and revert Taiwanese military to “home country” (namely PRC); so as to avoid after the enactment of one-country-two-systems, the Taiwanese military starts fighting the communists and a civil war breaks out.

ROC’s totems carry the colors of dictatorship and should have been eliminated long ago.  However, though Taiwan has made strides toward democracy, in reality, it’s still pinned down by the China party.  On the contrary, the China party can sit comfortably and command Taiwan to “turn red” and capriciously destroy ROC.  Its end goal is to de-ROC and let PRC replaces it.  This action is effectively an execution of striking its main enemy: the Republic of Taiwan’s nation building.

2008, the first year, the unconditional Three Direct Links will inundate Taiwan with illegal, jump-off-the-plane Chinese immigrants.  Under Taiwan’s current non-linking situation, there are already an estimated 30 to 50 thousand illegal Chinese immigrants, which already materialized, under our visibility, into Taiwan-destroying and terrorism-prone “fifth military file.”  In the second year, after opening up to approximately 200 thousand Chinese labors, Taiwan’s laborers in the traditional manufacturing industries and the part-timers will all lose their jobs.  That’s the end of the entire blue collar sector.  The third year opens up recognition of Chinese degrees and diplomas, then Taiwan’s white collar workers lost their role.  The fourth year, with the timetable of unification, Taiwan fate will be sealed and surrender is certain.  Taiwan’s 400 year history of striving will become an official history.  And the rights and enjoyments of democracy and home country sovereignty that Taiwanese people have fought so hard for will hallow out into bubbles.  Forecast to this point indicates that an extremely severe and bloody new February 28th Massacre will occur.  If A-Bien’s administration cannot seize the advantage of his presidency and endure the suppression of China party, then the future of Taiwan will be unbearable to behold.  A-Bien go go go!  The Taiwanese people already possess the fearless-of-death determination. 

Note:  The article is a chapter from Taiwanese People Revere the Taiwanese Divinities, Reject to be a Rootless People by Dr. Yang Hsu-Tung, chairman of Taiwan Tati Cultural and Educational Foundation.

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