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After the Red Tide, Let's Discuss a Prescription For It

The current social unrests caused by Taiwan’s “red guards” (Red Shirt Armies) originate from KMT old guards’ faction pouncing back.  They want indulge in the old status quo as well as the unrighteous and unjustified spoils derived from such ancient regime.  Their distrusting of Taiwanese people is simply the voodoo of one-party national education based on the Greater China chauvinism.  The deficiency of education about democracy in Taiwan also aggravates this cohort’s apprehensive and panic state of mind.

My personal analysis on pathology of Taiwan’s current situation from the medical professional’s viewpoint:

1.      After the Second World War, the ethnic group in minority came from China only to enter Taiwan and rule over it.  First, they intimidated with their military power.  If anyone resisted, they were simply put down by slaughtering.  Examples include the February 28th Massacre that effectively exterminated the Taiwanese elites and the following period of White Terror when those who think differently were killed in mass.  Although Chiang Kai-Shek and company lost to the PLA in mainland China, but his bunch of scanty soldiers and defeated generals that were sent to Taiwan are more than sufficient and utterly effortless in dealing with the vulnerably unarmed and authority-obedient Taiwanese people.  He must have been truly very joyful!

2.      At the same time of exterminating Taiwan’s intellectual elites and the dissenters within their only political clique, the ancient regime aggressively carries out brainwashing of the populace, as well as mentally and spiritually corrupts the Taiwanese people’s conscious for freedom.

3.      The way to practice the Greater China chauvinism must, at first, strengthen the ruling class’s sacredness and infrangibility then undermine the identities and status of the rulees who are also the majority populace.  The character traits of the rulees must be obedient and docile.  The sources of knowledge are limited within the circle accepted by the rulers.  The rulees must sincerely surrender to the ruling class in order to survive.  Furthermore, the martyred heroes who sacrificed for Taiwan’s democracy, human rights, and justice are stigmatized, and yet immortalize the ruler’s “wisdom” and “virtue.”

4.      Aggressively educate the children of the ruling class, and yet distort the process of educating the rulees’ children.  Employ hypnotic method of education, from juveniles to grown-ups, all undergo incessant, cramming-type of training and classes, which are utilized to wipe out and kill off Taiwanese people’s conscious for freedom and make them into enslaved inhabitants on Taiwan who willingly serve the Chinese ruling class.

5.      The Japanese-style education that the Taiwanese populace had received in the past must be thoroughly broken down in order to prevent the re-emergence of historical memory that will turn into anti-China phenomena.  Therefore, de-japanization, looking down upon Japanese-speaking Taiwanese people, and defaming Japan-related culture and customs become the one-party regime’s primary goal in education.  Hence, the Taiwanese intellectual elites who happened to be Japanese-educated are all degraded as uneducated underclass and thoroughly wiped out Taiwanese people’s self-respect.   Subsequently, within the education system styled after one-party regime, the ancient regime’s ruling class employs insubstantially exuberant literary depictions and mythically-based formalities and requires the Taiwanese people to lust within preposterous idolatry.  On the other hand, the children of the ruling class get to study overseas and, after their glamorous return, to become the political leaders of Taiwan’s underclass and to receive homage from millions.

6.      The ruling class discovered the time-limitation nature of military dominance makes it feasible only for oppression early on.  Therefore, in order to rule for long and secure, the firm control over Taiwanese people requires deep infiltration into spheres of civilian activities.  Therefore, aside from devising an efficient national security intelligence system, as well as government, military, and political intelligence agents; they also assimilate criminal organizations, infiltrate temples, shrines, marketplaces, and civilian organizations, and cement ties with these constituencies to form a mutually-beneficial, symbiotic, special-privileged, corrupt and wealthy cartel.   Doing so facilitates dominance over the populace’s mindset which then enables manipulation of all kinds of election activities. 

7.      For the purpose of augmenting their ruling authority, the ruling class uses the political party to manage national administration and divert the Japanese assets and civilians’ assets into the party’s ownership and assets; then carries out all kinds of briberies to buy out people’s loyalties, so that as to realize its political objective.

8.      The ruling class drafts and enacts self-beneficial legislative, judicial, administrative, and social benefit systems; and requires the rulees to truly follow.  Moreover, the highly efficient legal order administration is merely dependent upon the ruling class’s capricious whims and wills.  Now that Taiwan’s A-Bien heads the administration, this kind of mindset and system is not what A-Bien is capable of handling.  Within the dogmas of the one-party regime education, the social justice, democracy, and human rights pursued by the Republic of Taiwan’s A-Bien seriously imperil the power basis of the Chinese ruling class.  The ROC’s reluctance in assisting the Republic of Taiwan is evidenced in the totally insensible and the so-called anti-A Bien Red Shirt Army’s activities today.  Therefore, the nation-building of the Republic of Taiwan must be carried out now.

9.      The ruling class employs, for a long time, the party and national administration-based resources and funding to control the media and the literary propaganda machine; all inclusive from sounds, views, to literature.  In the arts and entertainment, it then deliberately debase the local and native, while vainly self-promote the Chinese courtship or the mythical tales of Chinese history.  Through the one-party regime’s deliberate packaging, it then distorts Taiwanese people’s essence and civilized faith into the uncouth and unbearable Taiwanese outcast’s culture.

The Prescription to Cure the Illnesses

1.      ROC’s history of invading and robbing Taiwan must be clearly and comprehensibly stated.

2.      Taiwan’s history over the past 400 years must be depicted precisely, objectively, and fairly.

3.      The chief criminals of the February 28th Massacre and the White Terror must be tried and made apparent for the public to see.

4.      The discussion of Taiwan’s international status must invite experts of international laws, and open public forums be conducted to clarify Taiwan’s sovereignty.

5.      The laws and entitlement systems that are in conflict with fairness and justice must be rectified.

6.      There are no compromises for the identities for the 23 million people.  Taiwanese definitely are Taiwanese, and absolutely are not Chinese.

7.      The advocacy and advancement of Taiwan’s nation-building activities must be organized and carried out methodically and comprehensively.

8.      The entire nation puts into practice the education of democracy, human rights, and justice.

9.      The media resources must be fair and redistributed.  The large-scale street protests based on nation-building ideologies at the current stage had become the entire population’s key points in education, therefore, must not be eliminated.

10.  Due to urgency, creating a new constitution, name rectification, and firm establishment of an internationally and legally sound status for Taiwan must proceed simultaneously.

Our foundation endeavors in conceptual faith and legally-sound nation-building activities based on “Taiwan shall revere Taiwanese Divinities,” and in the same time look forward to the Democratic Progressive Party can persevere in doing the right thing. 



Although the citizens of the Republic of Taiwan are highly unsatisfied of the current constitution, laws, and regulatory system of ROC, they are still willing to endure its judicial trials.  Among the biggest reasons is their expectation of the judicial branch’s independence and fairness can rectify the unfair and unjust treatment that the Taiwanese people have long suffered.  The current activities of the Red Shirt Army are organized by the cartel who has long indulged in unfair and undeserved privileges.  Their true nature of non-expectation of judicial fairness and anti-democratic justices is an extraordinary selfish behavior.  The citizens, who really care about Taiwan, out of their respect for the world’s commonly-accepted values, democracy, human rights, freedom, and justices, will instinctively pursue human rights, sovereignty, political rights, and state’s rights.  Therefore, we need to understand that enduring the Red Tides inciting social unrests and the transitional pains of alliance with communists to undermine Taiwan is testing, at this instant, Taiwanese people’s nation-building determination and confidence.  Taiwanese people are currently situated at an urgent late stage of national survival.  Debilitated will is not warranted.  May Taiwanese Divinities protect, and bless.

Taiwan go go go!  Long live the Republic of Taiwan!!


Note:  The article is a chapter from Taiwanese People Revere the Taiwanese Divinities, Reject to be a Rootless People by Dr. Yang Hsu-Tung, chairman of Taiwan Tati Cultural and Educational Foundation.

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