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Fight the Communists to Protect Taiwan

In 1949, the old Chiang announced the Republic of China (ROC) is already dead.  1971 witnessed the elimination of the ROC name from the international arena and replaced by the People’s Republic of China (PRC).  Then, what the hell is the October 10th National Day celebrating?

The “china party” at Taiwan is the originator communist-resisting, Russia-fighting, and China-liberating ideologies.  They are supposed to be the league that destroys the totally evil communist bandits; yet they went extravagant indulgence at Taiwan and became a ruling class superior to the aborigine natives, Hakka, and Hoklo.  Now that a Taiwanese has been elected to the presidency, they at once changed their communist-fighting position to become a “red” political party.  Behaving slavishly to the communists!  There is absolutely no other political party in the world who can outdo KMT in oppressing its people, lying to its people, and terrorizing its people.  If the People’s Republic of China is such a good fit to the ideology of Taiwan’s china party, then they should just move to China and live there happily.  Why stubbornly stick at Taiwan, and indulge in political power wresting as career interests?  The various political heads of china party hijacks Taiwan’s many assets to become naturalized Americans.  They heartily crave living in the democratic America, lust for political power and control over Taiwan, and yet fearfully of grounded to reside in China and became a “rightful” Chinese.  What this bunch of mafia show in their behaviors can only be described as “shamelessly craving for power and wealth.”

Taiwan’s “China Party” Can Never and Will Never Become Successor of the Chinese Communists

According to the perspective from the Chinese political history, Taiwan’s china party not only will not be permitted to participate in any activities of Chinese politics, it will also be purged at anytime and whim.  The succession of the “Greater China Imperialism” will involve and use only individuals whom were bred internally.  This is because such individuals have complete believe in and will keep the will of communist leadership in hearts forever; hence, the party’s commands will be thoroughly implemented.  This phenomenon is the so-called: “it feels good to have you around.”  On the basis of this observation, Taiwan’s china party can only temporarily serve the Chinese communists’ hired thugs for consolidated warfare against Taiwan.  After they finished cutting throats, they are finished.

This Chinese evil force that resides at Taiwan currently, bearing the presently hot and popular trend of China fever, bullies the Taiwanese political administration’s “reconciliation and coexistence” policy (effectively a “no guts” policy), and repeatedly attacks Taiwanese people’s tolerance and forgiveness in enduring insults.  Such actions and behaviors are nothing but full coordination with China’s consolidated warfare operation of aggressively supporting Taiwan’s pro-China political cartel.  Its worst result will be igniting Taiwanese people’s bloody revolution, thereby developing an event similar to the history of Wu San-Kuei’s gate-opening that led the Ching soldiers’ entry into China proper and the ensuing massacre.  Let’s ask:

1.      Sixty million Chinese died in old Mao’s Cultural Revolution.  Thirty million Chinese died in the civil war between the KMT and the CCP.  How many more people will die if a civil war broke out in Taiwan?

2.      Is “One Country Two Systems” really the hope of Taiwan’s China party?  Hong Kong is without its own military and therefore must let the People’s Liberation Army enter and station.  What about Taiwan’s soldiers?  Will they be liberated or be removed to China for brainwashing?

3.      China’s consolidated warfare has three principles:

(1)   Create class contradictions and ignite class warfare.

(2)   Manipulate the secondary enemy to strike the primary enemy.

(3)   Destroy and clean out all secondary and primary enemies, then assimilate those that remain, and complete the goal of its consolidated warfare.

4.      Divide and conquer then fully assimilate Taiwan is the method of China’s consolidated warfare against Taiwan: use the media to polarize unification and pro-localization, divide and polarize the unification and pro-localization classes, manipulate democracy to resist democracy, intensify contradictions and conflicts.  From literary campaigns to military campaigns, supports pro-China political cartel, takes over Taiwan’s political authority, assimilates pro-China powers (media, education, business…all usable resources), it then thoroughly exercises China’s constitution, laws, and the advantage of a population of 1.3 billion, through all disposable means, fully controls Taiwan.

5.      Eliminate dissenters.  Strengthen control and brainwashing.  First use the unificationists to strike the pro-localizationists.  Then use the pro-localizationists to eliminate the unificationists.  Then both unificationists and pro-localizationists will all be destroyed and all become peaceful.

China’s participation in the international community replaced Taiwan to become a permanent member of the UN Security Council, yet it wants to possess a peaceful image and to devour Taiwan at the same time.  Ever since Teng Hsiao-Ping, Chiang Che-Ming, and Hu Chin-Tao, aside from intensifying shutting out Taiwan’s existence from the international arena, it more speedily erodes Taiwan’s power for internal stability.  The illusion of China fever already begets a horrible and evil force.  The 23 million people are just a number in the eyes of the Chinese communists.  After the resources have been sucked dry, the people who think of themselves as part of the China party will have finished their play, and they are also finished.  The people who advocate national sovereignty and state’s rights in the name of democracy and human rights will too be finished.

What are Taiwanese People’s Means of Survival?

1.      Strengthen the education of Taiwan’s nation-building ideology and the Taiwanese identity’s concurrence and recognition – at the current stage, this can only proceed with street protests.

2.      Get to know the common faith among the 23 million people, which is in accordance with globally accepted values of democratic ideology, is the principle of gradual development from human rights, to political rights, then unto national sovereignty.

3.      The war of China striking Taiwan is internationally recognized as the Asia-Pacific region’s World War.  The Taiwanese people, alone, must be determined to prepare for the war, and should never tolerate the China party’s anti-arms purchasing actions.  The anti-arms purchasing is the red Chinese communists’ command.  Taiwan’s China party is carrying out its red boss’s command.  Lien and Sung’s visit to China

is full of treacherous conspiracies that must be scrutinized. 

4.      Taiwan’s China party had abandoned the 23 million people out of sight and mind to bow to its Chinese master’s wills.  Taiwanese people have been mis-treated by this bunch of mafia to the point of losing their ethnicity, losing their country, and losing their determination.  For the sake of 23 million people’s livelihood, Taiwanese people should definitely be determined to skillfully operate the system of democracy and carry out education about democracy.  Let us do what the administration is unwilling to or cannot do.

5.      Skillfully use the international laws, such as Taiwan Relations Act, Taiwan’s Indeterminate Sovereignty, San Francisco Peace Treaty, occupations laws…to do good international advocacy.  The “What are you doing” ad recently posted on the Washington Post is a method that builds solid footings on the basis of international laws regarding sovereignty.  Creating a new constitution and nation-building must first posses such conditions, then and only then can we receive international recognition.

6.      The final decision from a vote of Referendum requires the majority of Taiwanese people possessing the determination for nation-building; not as simply as “identifying oneself as Taiwanese.”  To firmly establish Taiwan’s nation-building determination is the most important objective at the current stage.  For my fellow country people who’s determined to protect Taiwan, defend Taiwan, and love Taiwan, if you are unwilling to let the Chinese communists slaughter our fellow Taiwanese, shall, without differences among ethnicities, all take up “building the Republic of Taiwan” as the main goal of one’s entire life.  If not, then tragedy may befall on our descendents, and we will become major culprits of Taiwan’s developments in democracy.


Note:  The article is a chapter from Taiwanese People Worshiping the Taiwanese Divinities, Rejecting to be a Rootless People by Dr. Yang Hsu-Tung, chairman of Taiwan Tati Cultural and Educational Foundation.

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Bruce Jacobs, a professor at Monash University in Australia, talks at a symposium held at the legislature in Taipei yesterday.
Photo: Wang Yi-sung, Taipei Times

Taiwan should focus on its colonial history and the issue of de-colonization, rather than the argument over independence and unification, an Australian academic told a symposium yesterday.

Bruce Jacobs, a professor at Monash University in Australia, discussed the democratization of Taiwan at a symposium held at the legislature and organized by Democratic Progressive Party (DPP Legislator Mark Chen (陳唐山), the Institute of National Defense and Strategy Research and the Association of Taiwan University Professors.