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Home Activity Slideshow 2020-01-02 Researchers Visit Holy Mountain

2020-01-02 Researchers Visit Holy Mountain

Researchers Visit Holy Mountain

Researchers Visit Holy Mountain

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Last Updated ( Monday, 24 February 2020 19:26 )  


British pianist Brendan Kavanagh on Monday held up Taiwan’s national flag during a livestream after having an altercation with a group of Chinese last month.

When Kavanagh, who goes by the name Dr K Boogie Woogie on social media, was recording a livestream from St Pancras International station in London on Jan. 19, a group of Chinese standing in the background loudly insisted that they not be filmed, saying their portrait rights should be protected.

The Chinese, who were holding Chinese flags when the incident occured, said that they would take legal action if their faces and voices were shown online.