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228 Taiwanese Spirits Taesiong Scripture

Chapter 8: Genuine Faithfulness

Moreover, all those who have extorted unfair and unrighteous wealth, they must compensate for it by pawning the fortunes of their wives, children, and family members; even unto death.  Those who do not die are further inflicted with disasters of water, fire, theft, loss of goods, disease, slander, and more; until it offsets their illicit appropriations.  Furthermore, for those who indiscriminately killed people, it is like soldiers who exchange blades and kill each other.  To seize wealth unjustly, is like relieving hunger with poisoned meat, or slacking thirst with poisoned wine.  It brings only temporary satisfaction, but ultimately death.  Such Taesiong’s pronouncements to awaken people, We fully concur.  Therefore, and identifiably, persons placed in the political arena, providing private gains in the name of public interests, abusing and manipulating special privileges, fond of procuring unlawfully; assuming oneself so exalted and eminent as to be above all, the mortal legal order might tolerate pro tem the wrongs, the invisible heavenly retributions shall be apparent and erectly evident; ye children and grandchildren be disciplined and be discreet.  Therefore, once ever taken the evil path should oneself repent and rectify.  Refrain from doing all evils.  Practice and participate in all goodness.  With genuine heart and sincere soul, then propitious spirits favorably follow; and comeuppance exchanges for sanctuary.


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Thousands of Tibetans and supporters rally in Dharamshala to mark the 54th Tibetan National Uprising Day on March 10, 2013. (Phayul photo/Tentse)

DHARAMSHALA, March 10: A Tibetan man attempted to set himself on fire today in the exile headquarters of Dharamshala during a mass protest rally marking the 54th Tibetan National Uprising Day.

Dawa, in his 30s, reportedly consumed and poured kerosene over himself.

Speaking to Phayul, Sangchu Dugbey, an eye witness said: “When I saw him, he was carrying a bottle of kerosene and some girls were requesting, ‘Please, don’t do it.”