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228 Taiwanese Spirits Taesiong Scripture

Chapter 6: Swift Retribution


The Origin Destiny Taesiong says:


Wishing others to fail, destroying others’ successes, risking others for one’s own securities, stealing from others to benefit oneself, bringing the worthless to trade for the precious, abandoning the public interests for personal gains, claiming others’ talents for personal credits, covering up others’ virtues, revealing others’ unsightliness, assaulting on others’ privacies, exhausting others’ goods and moneys, breaking up others from their loved ones, infringing others’ beloved, assisting others in wrong doings, exercising privileges to exert personal whims, slandering others for victories, possessing in hearts full of sinister plots, putting down others’ strengths, ignoring one’s own shortcomings, wielding whims to oppress and threaten, condoning violence, killings, and assaults; such learned persons, using the Greater China imperial unificationist conceptions, as coercions to oppress the weak, to pronounce mouthful, tongueful of demonic, deceiving languages, to argue in fallacy without differentiating rights and wrongs, preferring to be conniving and vicious villains: shall descend into the abyss full of horrors, crushing mountains, bloodiness, and filth; in as many as ten thousand lives, shall remain karmically futile to obtain physical incarnations.  The current life’s retribution, swift and furious it cometh.


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Eight-year-old Lin Su-chin, who was trapped in Tainan’s Weiguan Jinlong complex for 60 hours, yesterday drinks a Slurpee given her by Premier Simon Chang at Chi Mei Medical Center. Lin said after her rescue on Monday night that one of the things she wanted most was one of the drinks.
Photo courtsey of Chi Mei Medical Center

Search-and-rescue teams yesterday finished clearing away most of the above-ground levels of the collapsed Weiguan Jinlong complex in Tainan, as the number of bodies discovered amid the rubble rose rapidly.

At press time last night, 31 bodies were found overnight on Thurday and yesterday, bringing the total death toll from the quake in Tainan to 95.