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228 Taiwanese Spirits Taesiong Scripture

To Open the Scripture with Clear Principles


This scripture conforms to the Heavenly Principles; turns the Dharmic Wheel with the Origin Destiny.  Its bestowment upon humanity is to warn Taiwan, Honglaai, that Heaven’s Principles are apparent, that right and wrong are clearly differentiated.  For every one of Our Taiwanese children and people shall practice this scripture with self-discipline and self-discretion, to jointly create Taiwanese people’s future.  Taiwanese people must walk the Taiwanese way.  Therefore, those who recognize and concur with Taiwan, and willingly dedicate themselves to be with Taiwan through life and death, shall obtain Our blessings, shall possess Heaven’s Mandate into eternity, and their descendents’ fortune shall be prosperous and glorious.


The February 28th Movement Taiwanese Martyred Spirits Providentially spoken as of

A.D. 2004 February 28th


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The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) yesterday criticized the “I am a R.O.C.er” T-shirt introduced by President Ma Ying-jeou’s (馬英九) re-election campaign office, saying it could mislead the international community as there are nations other than the Republic of China that use the acronym ROC.

Ma’s campaign office seems to have a national identity crisis, DPP spokesperson Liang Wen-jie (梁文傑) said, adding that according to the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs’ Web site, other countries such as the Republic of Croatia, Republic of Cameroon, Republic of Cuba, the Republic of Chile, Republic of Cyprus, Republic of Chad, and the Republic of Columbia, use the abbreviation ROC.