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1741 Cause for concern over press index Taipei Times 391
1742 Anti-corruption is no carte blanche Chen Chun-kai 陳君愷 396
1743 Columbus Day is not an occasion to be proud Chi Chun-chieh 紀駿傑 329
1744 Illusions about Chinese goodwill Chu Ping-tzu 祝平次 372
1745 Little to show for a lot of hype Taipei Times 457
1746 Classical Chinese proposal is a bad idea Taipei Times 524
1747 The appeal system for detention is not fair Wu Ching-chin 吳景欽 405
1748 The Control Yuan and scapegoating Taipei Times 314
1749 Balancing US, PRC comfort zones Paul Lin 林保華 371
1750 Putting the brakes on education Taipei Times 299
1751 ECFA just a step to annexing Taiwan Lin Kien-tsu 林健次 343
1752 More pandering to China Taipei Times 502
1753 KMT keeping its ‘chamber pot’ full The Liberty Times Editorial 400
1754 Punishing the ‘bad’ Taiwanese Taipei Times 515
1755 Ma’s wavering stance on defense Liu Shih-chung 劉世忠 557
1756 Caution on battling speculation Taipei Times 424
1757 ... and justice for none Taipei Times 508
1758 China’s rise has dangers all around Sushil Seth 522
1759 A head of state, but no leader Taipei Times 445
1760 Can’t we use ‘Taiwan’ in Taiwan? Taipei Times 534
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Prosecutors yesterday issued indictments against 22 people, including former president Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁), for money laundering, taking bribes or helping the former first family hide and launder money.

The Supreme Prosecutors’ Office’s Special Investigation Panel (SIP) yesterday announced the fourth round of indictments to be served to members of the former first family and high-profile businesspeople.