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1641 Flaws mean Chen verdict violates the Constitution Hung Ying-hua 洪英花 397
1642 Taiwan must fight for recognition Taipei Times 311
1643 Chen ruling sounds like old, cranky feudal hands James Wang 王景弘 401
1644 The DPP’s struggle for one voice Taipei Times 294
1645 Murder probe reveals nothing new Bruce Jacobs 家博 435
1646 A guilty verdict to scorn Taipei Times 363
1647 Unintentional sobriety Taipei Times 379
1648 Deaflympic hubris — courtesy of the Ma team Hsu Chien-jung 許建榮 424
1649 Behold China’s network in Taiwan Yao Jen-to 姚人多 363
1650 Freedom fading fast in Hong Kong Taipei Times 307
1651 Ma no longer ruler of his domain Taipei Times 346
1652 Dalai Lama rose above the hacks Cao Changqing 曹長青 339
1653 Senator Ted Kennedy: a true friend of Taiwan Mark Chen 陳唐山 377
1654 Taiwan’s legal system and Chen Bruce Jacobs 家博 383
1655 Propaganda overshadows Dalai Lama Taipei Times 314
1656 The balance between the US, Japan and Taiwan Sebo Koh 許世模 470
1657 Now the punishment begins Taipei Times 375
1658 Referendum decision bodes poorly Taipei Times 316
1659 Tragedy could bring ray of hope J. Michael Cole 寇謐將 408
1660 US, PRC maneuvers post-Morakot HoonTing 雲程 380
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Premier Wu Den-yih (吳敦義) said yesterday there was no need to revise the government’s cross-strait policies despite the party’s lackluster performance in Saturday’s local elections.

Wu made the remarks when asked for comment on whether the poll results would affect the government’s plans for an economic cooperation framework agreement (ECFA) with China or its other cross-strait policies.