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Transitional Justice: AIT chairman, lawmakers talk about implications of transitional justice act

Visiting American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) Chairman James Moriarty went to the Legislative Yuan yesterday, where he appeared interested in a law passed last week to address the legacy of injustices by the former Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) regime.

Moriarty met with Legislative Speaker Su Jia-chyuan (蘇嘉全), Democratic Progressive Party legislators Yu Mei-nu (尤美女) and Lo Chih-cheng (羅致政), as well as KMT Legislator Jason Hsu (許毓仁).


Human rights are our global ticket

Pope Francis announced that the Vatican is to enter into “high-level talks” with the People’s Republic of China. Whether this would lead to the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two and whether Taiwan’s sovereignty and international status could sustain yet another blow is being hotly debated in Taiwan. Many people fear that this could set off a domino effect that would place Taiwan on the sidelines of global society as an “international orphan.”

However, an online search for “Taiwan” and “same-sex marriage” turns up millions of hits, including on the Web sites of major international media outlets such as the BBC, CNN, the Guardian, Time and the Washington Post. The media have reported the event as headline news, praising Taiwan for being the first Asian country to recognize same-sex marriage and saying that the move will have a far-reaching effect on marriage equality in other Asian states.


Taiwan to bar Chinese human rights violators

The government is to ban Chinese human rights violators from entering the nation following hostile behavior by Beijing and the sentencing of Taiwanese democracy advocate Lee Ming-che (李明哲) for subversion of state power by a Chinese court, sources have said.

In a bid to uphold human rights, a committee of members of the National Immigration Agency (NIA), Mainland Affairs Council and other government agencies has denied entry to at least three Chinese nationals and groups that were found to have persecuted Falun Gong practitioners in China, said the sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity.


Chinese official threatens forced unity

Li Kexin, minister at the Chinese embassy in the US, speaks at an embassy event in Washington yesterday.
Photo: Nadia Tsao, Taipei Times

The day US Navy vessels arrive in Kaohsiung would be the day the Chinese People’s Liberation Army “unifies” Taiwan by force, said Li Kexin (李克新), minister at the Chinese embassy in the US.


Enforcing transitional justice

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)-controlled legislature on Tuesday passed the Act on Promoting Transitional Justice (促進轉型正義條例) aimed at redressing the legacy of injustices left by the nation’s authoritarian era.

The law requires the Executive Yuan to set up a nine-member independent committee to implement transitional justice measures set forth under the act. These include investigating human rights abuses under martial law during the Chinese Nationalist Party’s (KMT) authoritarian regime,


Foundation marches for Referendum Act changes

Members of the People Rule Foundation walk around the Presidential Office Building in Taipei yesterday in a demonstration calling on the government to pass a draft amendment to the Referendum Act that would lower the thresholds for holding and passing referendums.
Photo: Liu Hsin-de, Taipei Times

Dozens of members of the People Rule Foundation yesterday marched from Taipei’s 228 Memorial Park to the Presidential Office Building as part of its campaign to urge the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to swiftly pass a draft amendment to the Referendum Act (公民投票法).

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American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) spokesperson Sheila Paskman yesterday said a US government document from 1904 showed that Sun Yat-sen (孫逸仙) was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, and that Sun had been issued a document showing that he was a US citizen — claims the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) quickly denied.

During an interview with the Central News Agency, Paskman said that to celebrate the centenary of the ROC this year, the AIT had planned a special exhibition with Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in conjunction with US celebrations of its Independence Day.

In the process, she said, a document from 1904 was unearthed in the US National Archives stating that the US had given Sun legal status as a US citizen.