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NTU ethics case requires clarity

The controversy over the selection of National Taiwan University’s (NTU) president has continued for two or three months, with no resolution in sight. In the study methodology course that I teach at the university, students keep asking whether the paper that NTU president-elect Kuan Chung-ming (管中閔) presented at an academic seminar on May 6 last year really contains any improper citations or plagiarism, as some people have claimed.

The media have reported that, although the paper coauthored by Kuan and the master’s thesis of a student surnamed Chang (張) were written by different authors, a number of diagrams in the two contain the same information. However, both papers say that the diagrams were compiled and drawn by the researchers separately.


Vatican denies deal is near with Beijing

Catholic clergy yesterday arrive for mass on Holy Thursday, ahead of Easter celebrations at Beijing’s government sanctioned South Cathedral in Beijing.
Photo: AFP

A historic deal between China and the Vatican on the appointment of bishops is not “imminent,” a Vatican spokesman said yesterday, contradicting a Beijing-approved bishop.


Transitional justice on the horizon

Nearly three months after the Act on Promoting Transitional Justice (促進轉型正義條例) cleared the legislative floor, the line-up of a nine-member transitional justice promotional committee is finally taking form.

On Tuesday, Premier William Lai (賴清德) nominated former Control Yuan member Huang Huang-hsiung (黃煌雄) as chairman of the committee, which is charged with several grand missions, including opening up political archives, removing authoritarian symbols, preserving historical sites of injustice and redressing past miscarriages of justice.


Emergency shutdown of reactor tripped in testing

The Guosheng Nuclear Power Plant in New Taipei City’s Wanli District is pictured yesterday.
Photo courtesy of Taiwan Power Co

The No. 2 reactor at the Guosheng Nuclear Power Plant which was restarted on Tuesday, tripped yesterday during testing, state-run Taiwan Power Co (Taipower, 台電) said.


Trade war looming over Taiwan

As expected, the US-China trade war has started. On Thursday last week, US President Donald Trump signed a presidential memorandum on counteracting “China’s economic aggression” and announced a US$60 billion punitive tariff scheme on as many as 1,300 Chinese products following an investigation based on Section 301 of the US’ 1962 Trade Expansion Act.

Launching a trade war is part of the Trump administration’s national security strategy — the economy is critical to US national security, and the trade policy is to counter hostile economic competitors.


Kuan owes public an explanation

National Taiwan University (NTU) president-elect Kuan Chung-ming (管中閔) has been dogged by scandals since a committee on Jan. 5 announced his selection. Nearly three months have passed and yet the controversy over his appointment to head the university shows no sign of abating.

Concern over Kuan’s election first surfaced after local media reported that Kuan is an independent director at Taiwan Mobile Co, while company vice chairman Richard Tsai (蔡明興) also sat on the selection committee. Following allegations of a conflict of interest, Kuan was accused of plagiarizing a student’s paper in a conference paper he coauthored.

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Geologist Yoshinobu Tsuji explains a diagram of tectonic plate interaction in the Taiwan region at a forum about nuclear power plant safety in Taipei yesterday.
Photo: Fang Pin-chao, Taipei Times

Japanese geologist Yoshinobu Tsuji and nuclear industry consultant Satoshi Sato yesterday at a forum in Taipei spoke about potential safety problems at Taiwan’s nuclear power plants, potential pitfalls related to the emergency response mechanism and why extending the service life of nuclear power plants is unsafe.