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Self-serving ideologies have become a malaise

Six years ago, Biyun Temple in Changhua County’s Ershuei Township (二水) fell into the hands of construction company owner Wei Ming-jen (魏明仁).

Since then, Buddhist scriptures have been replaced with portraits of former Chinese communist leaders Mao Zedong (毛澤東) and Zhou Enlai (周恩來). A red banner reading “The People’s Liberation Army wholeheartedly serves the people” hangs on the temple wall and China’s five-star red flag flies above it.


Bringing White Terror history to the public

Hsieh Hsueh-hung (謝雪紅) was a Taiwanese communist organizer who fled to China in 1947 to escape repression following the 228 Incident.

However, after several years in China, she was labeled a “rightist” and subjected to “struggle sessions” by the Red Guards during the Cultural Revolution.


Rights do not include threats

The freedoms of speech and expression are among the nation’s most precious assets, standing as pillars of its democracy. However, a shrine to communism created in Changhua County by a former military officer who advocates unification with China is a timely reminder for the government that it needs to remain vigilant over how democracy could be undermined and national identity disintegrated through abuses of these rights.

Wei Ming-jen (魏明仁), who is in the construction business, acquired a Buddhist temple seven years ago and converted it into its present form, with the national flag of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) flying and daily broadcasts of the Chinese national anthem.


DPP could learn from Taiwanese activists

“Apart from the Taiwanese independence movement, I have striven for nothing else in my life. This is my romantic way of dealing with life.”

Following the opening of a museum dedicated to independence activist Ong Iok-tek (王育德) on Sept. 9, a memorial park dedicated to former World United Formosans for Independence (WUFI) chairman Ng Chiau-tong (黃昭堂) opened in Tainan’s Cigu District on Friday.


China’s treatment of Uighurs ‘awful’: Pompeo

Children on Aug. 31 play outside the entrance to a school ringed with barbed wire, security cameras and barricades near a sign that reads “Please use the nation’s common language” in Peyzawat in China’s Xinjiang region.
Photo: AP

The US on Friday denounced China’s treatment of its Uighur Muslims in unusually strong terms, adding to a growing list of disputes in increasingly turbulent relations between the two nations.


Water, power to PRC temple cut

The national flag of the People’s Republic of China is flown over the former Biyun Chan Temple, now a shrine to Chinese communism, in Changhua County’s Ershuei Township yesterday.
Photo: CNA

The Changhua County Government yesterday suspended power and water supply to a former Buddhist temple that was converted into a shrine to Chinese communism by a local businessman, and said it would demolish illegal buildings on the property next week.

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Taiwanese military observers will participate in a US Navy marine patrol exercise in March next year with unprecedented levels of access, a military official said yesterday, calling it “actual participation.”

The US military has previously only permitted observers to see the details of its anti-submarine tactics and technology during the exercise, the official said on condition of anonymity.