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Pro-China parties must be rejected

In Hong Kong’s district council elections on Nov. 24, the pro-democracy camp won just more than 81 percent of the seats, dealing the pro-Beijing camp a crushing defeat. The New People’s Party, chaired by Regina Ip (葉劉淑儀), failed to secure a single seat.

Ip, who worked hard to push for national security legislation during her stint as the Hong Kong secretary for security, was severely punished by voters for supporting police violence.


Hong Kong Protests: China confirms arrest of Taiwanese, Belizean: report

Secondary-school students and retirees demonstrate at Chater Garden in Hong Kong yesterday.
Photo: AFP

A Chinese state-run newspaper yesterday reported that authorities had arrested a Taiwanese and a Belizean for allegedly colluding with foreign forces to meddle in the affairs of Hong Kong, where secondary-school students and retirees joined forces to protest, the first of several weekend rallies planned across the territory.


Hong Kong police end 12-day siege on school campus

People attend a lunchtime flash mob rally in Hong Kong’s Cheung Sha Wan district yesterday.
Photo: AFP

Hong Kong police yesterday ended their blockade of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University campus after surrounding it for 12 days to try to arrest pro-democracy protesters holed up inside.


KMT in a panic over ‘spy’ allegations

Imagine that a spy defects to another country and reveals, among other things, that he had been ordered by his superiors to lead an operation to infiltrate the society of a third nation to influence the result of an upcoming presidential election. The goal of the operation was to unseat the incumbent president.

Instead of calling on the government to fully investigate the claims, as would be reasonably expected, the nation’s opposition politicians react to the disturbing news by immediately launching an all-out attack on the defector. They feverishly denounce his testimony as a pack of lies, even hinting that he is part of a global conspiracy.


Chinese executives grilled for two hours

From left, China Innovation Investment Ltd acting director Kung Ching and her husband, executive director Xiang Xin, leave the Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office after answering questions about espionage allegations.
Photo: Huang Chieh, Taipei Times

The Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office yesterday said that it does not rule out the possibility of requesting evidence from the Australian Attorney-General’s Department to corroborate allegations made by self-confessed Chinese spy William Wang Liqiang (王立強).


Chinese executives barred from leaving

Minister of the Interior Hsu Kuo-yung, right, talks to reporters in Hualien County yesterday after the government announced its intention to bar China Innovation Investment Ltd executive director Xiang Xin and his wife, acting director Kung Ching, from leaving Taiwan.
Photo: Wang Chun-chi, Taipei Times

Two executives of a Chinese company based in Hong Kong who have allegedly tried to influence Taiwanese elections were yesterday barred from leaving the nation following their detention at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport on Sunday.

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A top US expert on Asian military affairs said that espionage allegations against Major General Lo Hsien-che (羅賢哲) of Taiwan were “deadly serious” and potentially “very damaging.”

Richard Fisher, a senior fellow at the Washington-based International Assessment and Strategy Center, said it was of “utmost importance” that Taiwan and the US “be far better informed of the range of current and future developing threats from China.”