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Japan firms join the US’ trade war with China

As the trade war between the US and China continues, the negative consequences are beginning to pile up.

Big Japanese businesses are gradually beginning to pull out of China and media have been asking if the “Made in China 2025” dream is broken. It seems the trade war is slowly expanding and developing into an economic war between developed countries and China. The reasons for this are as follows.


TSU accuses KMT of electoral crimes

The Taiwan Solidarity Union (TSU) yesterday reported the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) and KMT Chairman Wu Den-yih (吳敦義) to prosecutors and accused them of forgery and breaching the Referendum Act (公民投票法) after the Central Election Commission on Thursday said that 1 percent of the signatures that the KMT submitted for three referendum proposals belonged to dead people.

Forging signatures for referendum petitions is a crime under Article 211 of the Criminal Code and Article 35 of the Referendum Act, TSU spokesman Yeh Chih-yuan (葉智遠) told a news conference outside the Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office yesterday.


Taiwan is not a Han Chinese society

A group of young Maori from New Zealand has visited Taiwan to seek their roots, while a Japanese anthropologist has speculated that a branch of Japanese ancestry might have traveled to Kyushu Island from Taiwan.

As people from other places seek their roots in Taiwan, it is ironic that the high-school curriculum guidelines claim that the nation is a “Han Chinese immigrant society” and that Taiwanese’s ancestors came from China.


Taiwan could gain from ally’s betrayal

Last month, Taiwan’s decades-long diplomatic relationship with El Salvador came to an abrupt end. El Salvador understands the relationship between Taiwan’s status, China and the Republic of China (ROC) better than most countries.

Diplomatic relations were first established between the ROC and El Salvador in 1933, but at that time, Taiwan was not part of the ROC. In 1949, the ROC “government” occupied Taiwan, but had lost all its Chinese territory after losing the Chinese Civil War.


Residency cards a ‘Chinese ploy’

China-based Taiwanese businessman Cheng Po-yu, right, has his fingerprints taken while applying for a Chinese residence permit at a police station in Beijing’s Shijingshan District yesterday morning.
Photo: CNA

Beijing’s issuing of residency permit cards for people from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, which came into effect yesterday, is part of a ploy to bring Taiwan into China’s political fold, the Mainland Affairs Council said.


Joint force makes bullies quake

Taiwan should vary its responses to Chinese patrols and simulate attacks on China’s aircraft carrier Liaoning, according to an Aug. 22 article by retired US Navy admiral Dennis Blair on the Sasakawa Peace Foundation’s Web site.

The nation’s “intercept everything” policy is wasteful and allows China to study Taiwan’s combat preparedness, he said, adding that making responses unpredictable would confuse the enemy and put less strain on limited budgets.

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Taiwan could have the first of a new fleet of diesel-electric submarines operating in its waters in seven years, a US military expert predicted on Tuesday.

Speaking at the close of the 13th annual US-Taiwan Defense Industry Conference, 2049 Institute executive director Mark Stokes said that if Taipei remains committed to the submarine program, “I don’t have any doubt they will succeed.”