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US insists on free navigation: official

US Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson says the US military will continue to advocate free navigation through international waters, including those in the Taiwan Strait, at a news conference at Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City, Philippines, on Monday.
Photo: CNA

The US military will continue to advocate free navigation through international waters, including the Taiwan Strait, a top US Navy official said on Monday.


Deputy minister to lobby US for sensitive technology

Deputy Minister of National Defense Chang Guan-chung (張冠群) is to lobby US officials for sensitive technology at the US-Taiwan Defense Industry Conference, which opened on Sunday in Annapolis, Maryland, a source said.

Despite Taiwan obtaining industrial cooperation credit for technology transfers, the nation’s preferred mode of offset arrangements and protection of trade secrets remain obstacles to the acquisition of technology, defense officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity.


Germany supports bigger role for Taiwanese: envoy

German Institute Taipei Director-General Thomas Prinz gestures during an interview in Taipei on Wednesday.
Photo: CNA

Germany recognizes the role that Taiwan plays in international affairs and supports its participation in global forums, German Institute Taipei Director-General Thomas Prinz said.


Pride urges people to ‘vote for equality’

A rainbow flag flies at the Taipei Gay Pride March yesterday.
Photo: EPA / Dave Mark Meguiso

Nearly 140,000 people from home and abroad yesterday marched through the streets of Taipei in support of better protection of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights, calling on Taiwanese voters to “vote for equality” in the five LGBT-related referendums tied to next month’s local elections.


Safety committee cannot be rushed

One positive note emerged this week amid the finger-pointing and rush to judgement in the aftermath of the Puyuma Expess train derailment on Sunday that killed 18 passengers and injured 190: Premier William Lai’s (賴清德) decision to form an independent “transportation safety committee” to investigate major transportation incidents in the aviation, land and marine sectors.

However, in the rush to ameliorate the public clamor for results, Lai might be pushing the Executive Yuan to move too fast, when consideration is needed as to what shape the committee is to take, its guidelines and its authority.


Alliance, DPP must focus on shared goal

On Saturday, two rallies were held to oppose China’s ambitions to annex Taiwan. One of them, organized by the Formosa Alliance in Taipei, used “Referendum yes! Annexation no!” as its main slogan, while the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) held a separate march in Kaohsiung under the slogan “No annexation! Defend Taiwan!” The main difference concerns their attitudes toward allowing referendums on national sovereignty.

Those who oppose such referendums say that independence cannot be achieved solely through such a process. They say that the international situation should be carefully assessed and foreign policies should be enacted that draw allies great and small, and gradually gain endorsements of the nation’s sovereign status. They say that the referendum demand could blur the focus of the Nov. 24 nine-in-one elections, while not helping to promote opposition to annexation.

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The Washington Post printed a front-page story on Saturday saying that China had launched a multimillion-dollar lobbying effort “so effective that it is challenging the heralded efforts of nemesis Taiwan.”

According to the story, China has dramatically improved its image in the US and now has enough friends in Congress to blunt at least some pro-Taiwan legislation.