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Advocate launches political party to achieve statehood

From left, Taiwanese independence advocates Tsai Chao-peng, Cheng Tzu-tsai and Liu Che-chia hold a news conference in Taipei yesterday to announce the formation of the Sovereign State for Formosa and Pescadores Party.
Photo: Hsieh Chun-lin, Taipei Times

Former political exile Cheng Tzu-tsai (鄭自才) yesterday launched the Sovereign State for Formosa and Pescadores Party in Taipei.


Ostracized China would lash out

The US’ Marine Corps University on Monday conducted a World War III simulation that had Taiwan as one of the fronts, with China, Russia and North Korea as belligerents.

The university said that the exercise was not intended to be preparations for war with those countries, and that the main focus was the European front, where the majority of US forces were sent in the simulation.


Hong Kong bookseller flees to Taipei

Hong Kong bookseller Lam Wing-kei poses for a photograph at the Tonsan bookstore in Taipei yesterday.
Photo: Sam Yeh / AFP

A Hong Kong bookseller, who had disappeared into Chinese custody for half a year, yesterday said that he has fled to Taiwan after the financial hub announced plans to approve extraditions to China.


French warship passed through Strait

A tugboat escorts French Navy frigate Vendemiaire on its arrival for a five-day goodwill visit at a port in Metro Manila, the Philippines, on March 12.
Photo: Reuters

A French warship passed through the Taiwan Strait earlier this month, US officials said, a rare voyage by a vessel of a European nation that is likely to be welcomed by Washington, but increase tensions with Beijing.


Let Trump be on China, N Korea

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s announced new weapons test and his ultimatum to Washington to strike a deal before the year is out reinforce the urgent need for US President Donald Trump to return to the clear-eyed positions he took on issues involving China and North Korea during his campaign and as president-elect.

In his run for the presidency, Trump’s lack of foreign-policy experience was widely seen as a decided disadvantage.


Human rights, the TRA’s legacy

I don’t know if anyone, inside or outside Taiwan, wants another paean to the US’ Taiwan Relations Act (TRA) on its 40th birthday on April 10. However, it pains me, as a young US foreign service officer assigned to human rights duties on the Taiwan desk at the US Department of State 40 years ago, that forgotten in all the congratulatory hubbub is the most significant and long-lasting legacy of that law:

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Dorjee Tseten in an undated photo. (Photo courtesy/Sonam Gyatso)

DHARAMSHALA, May 28: Various sources in exile as well the Chinese official news agencies are now confirming earlier reports of a twin self-immolation protest in Tibet’s capital Lhasa yesterday.

According to reports received by Phayul, a 19-year-old Tibetan identified as Dorjee Tseten, along with his friend, an unidentified 25-year old male set themselves on fire in front of the historic Jokhang Temple in an apparent protest against the Chinese government.