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Letter to Time on “Reshooting History in a New China.”

Dear Mr. Abdoolcarim:

Thank you for the informing and interesting article on the October 19th Asia edition of Time magazine, “Reshooting History in a New China.”   However, I write to voice, on the behalf of Tati Foundation, that the Chinese leadership’s thinking has not changed at all since the founding of this totalitarian and Communist regime.  As you have mentioned, injustices and corruption are rampant in China today.  For an average Chinese citizen, life remains tough.  Just like the widespread turmoil and ceaseless revolution in first half of CCP’s sixty years.  Just like the pre-revolutionary KMT regime, riddled with corruption and brutality.  In short, just like the same old days.


Anti-corruption is no carte blanche

As many people expected, former president Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) received a heavy sentence — life in jail — after being found guilty in a graft case against him. After receiving the sentence, Chen’s appeal to be released from detention was, like many also expected, unsuccessful, and he remains in detention.

To no one’s surprise, pan-blue media commentators applauded the decisions and continued hurling attacks at the “corrupt family.” While anti-corruption efforts should be acknowledged and supported, it is very hard to understand how “anti-­corruption” has taken precedence over the principles of having competent judges, due process and basic human rights, such as a fair defense for the accused and the presumption of innocence.


Columbus Day is not an occasion to be proud

Oct. 12 is Columbus Day in the US, a national holiday. On that day and the preceding couple of days, celebrations are held across the country to commemorate white Europeans’ “discovery” of the New World, which actually means occupation and colonization.


Ma Ying-jeou Recycles His Old Promises but Taiwan is None the Richer

The world continues to turn in Taiwan, and Ma Ying-jeou is once again the official Chairman of the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT). For those whose memory is short, Ma had been chairman from 2005 to 2007 when he had to step down because he was indicted for corruption. Fortunately, Ma got his secretary to take sole and total responsibility for depositing roughly a half-million US dollars into Ma's personal bank account; as a result with his secretary in jail for putting this money in Ma's personal account, Ma has dodged the bullet. So now Ma has been re-elected chairman and is recycling his old promises. Recycling old promises, what's that?


Chen Shui-bian and Roger Lin may face death penalty in Taiwan over U.S. litigation claims

In a dramatic development that threatens the lives of two men, the longstanding American "strategic ambiguity" that has enshrouded Taiwan for 64 years is unraveling. Former Republic of China in-exile President Chen Shui-bian and Taiwanese politician and international legal expert Roger C.S. Lin have been subpoenaed by a Kaohsiung court for depositions on possible treason. The sentence for treason under the ROC administration is the death penalty.


Court's cowardice harms rights of all in Taiwan

The Council of Grand Justices displayed a tragic lack of judicial independence and courage Friday by failing to take a clear stand on the validity of the court proceedings which resulted in a conviction and life sentence meted to former president Chen Shui-bian on "corruption" charges by the Taipei District Court last month.

In their role as Taiwan's Constitutional Court, the 15 grand justices issued Interpretation 665 in response to a petition filed in January by the former president's legal defense team on several issues.

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Supporters of New Power Party Executive Chairman Huang Kuo-chang yesterday hold up placards urging people to vote in favor of Huang in tomorrow’s recall election at a rally in Keelung.
Photo: Lin Hsin-han, Taipei Times

Former Academia Sinica president Lee Yuan-tseh (李遠哲) and other former officials yesterday expressed their support for New Power Party (NPP) Executive Chairman Huang Kuo-chang (黃國昌), urging people in his constituency to vote against the lawmaker’s recall tomorrow.