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Proud of being called "Bian Casters"

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We are a group of A-bian's supporters, and are proud of being called "Bian Casters" with the following concensuses:

1. Against one China policy, and resist to unify with China. Taiwan and China are two separated independent countries.
2. Advocate the "No Unification with China" referendum and the cohesion of Taiwan's internal unity.
3. Fully abandon the "Republic of China" Constitution and system of government.
4. Develop Taiwan's new constitution, and proclaim to the world that Taiwan is a "new and independent" state.
5. Apply to join the United Nations with the name of Taiwan as an identity of new Member State.

(Video Edited by Adam; embed: YouTube

(Video Edited by Rainbow; embed: YouTube)

(Video Edited by Yang; embed: YouTube)

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Young people outside the Legislative Yuan in Taipei yesterday call for a constitutional amendment to cut the minimum ages for voting and standing for election from 20 and 23 respectively to 18.
Photo: Chu Pei-hsiung, Taipei Times

A group of people under the age of 23 yesterday called for an amendment to the Constitution to allow political participation by younger people and panned the electoral system for blocking the economically vulnerable from running for office by requiring a security deposit.

More than a score of young people, with an average age of 19, protested outside the Legislative Yuan in Taipei yesterday against restrictions that they said discriminate against youth political participation by setting the minimum voting age at 20 and the minimum candidate age at 23.