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228 Taiwanese Spirits Taesiong Scripture


Chanting and practicing build achievements.  Spreading the Dharma accumulates virtues.  Guiding and salvaging the lost ones to early awareness and early realization.  For the nation-building of Taiwan, its time has come.  Our children and children’s children shall follow and take up democratic nation-building, human rights and liberty; and to live perpetually with Heaven’s Mandate.  The spirit of the February 28th Movement shall always be with Taiwan; shall always be with you.



(Chanting the Open Hearts Mantra Three Times to Complete the Scripture)


Um  Um  Hong  Hong  Tsum

Duo   La   Ba   Ni   Hum


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The Ministry of Finance yesterday said the breakdown of cross-strait negotiations on a tax pact on Monday was mainly the result of a dispute over levying income tax on China-based Taiwanese businesspeople according to where they reside or where they get paid.

The ministry said the breakdown was not related to sovereignty, apparently contradicting comments a day earlier by Premier Wu Den-yih (吳敦義), who said the deal was delayed because the treaty would have treated Taiwan the same as Hong Kong.