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228 Taiwanese Spirits Taesiong Scripture


Chanting and practicing build achievements.  Spreading the Dharma accumulates virtues.  Guiding and salvaging the lost ones to early awareness and early realization.  For the nation-building of Taiwan, its time has come.  Our children and children’s children shall follow and take up democratic nation-building, human rights and liberty; and to live perpetually with Heaven’s Mandate.  The spirit of the February 28th Movement shall always be with Taiwan; shall always be with you.



(Chanting the Open Hearts Mantra Three Times to Complete the Scripture)


Um  Um  Hong  Hong  Tsum

Duo   La   Ba   Ni   Hum


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The unilateral cancelation by the social networking Web site Facebook of an online petition protesting against the Red Cross Society of the Republic of China’s (ROC) handling of donations for Japanese earthquake victims has sparked accusations of “political manipulation” among Internet users

“I feel like someone’s keeping an eye on me, I feel afraid and I feel angry at the same time,” netizen Subing (酥餅), who created the online petition with another netizen, Miawko (妙子), on Facebook, wrote on his personal blog.