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Home Taesiong Scripture Chapter 4: The Shepherd

Chapter 4: The Shepherd


Those who guard our country and protect Taiwan are respected by all in Heaven.  Propitiousness, too, shall follow.  All evils shall abandon afar.  Innumerable spirits shall protect and bless them.  All the doings of righteous ways of democracy, upheld by the Origin Destiny’s Heavenly Principles, shall achieve the Great Bodhisattva of Taiwan as the fruit.  Such is cultivating action, is truthful action; is a Shepherd who truly achieve the great vows.

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Laid-off workers planning a New Year’s Eve “Occupy MRT Station” protest tonight stand at a platform on the Taipei Main Station MRT stop on Saturday to apologize in advance for the inconvenience that their planned protest is expected to cause to commuters.
Photo: CNA

Hundreds of university students and workers are to “celebrate” New Year’s Eve today in Taipei by protesting against President Ma Ying-jeou’s (馬英九) administration as others participate in year-end festivities and countdowns.

Members and supporters of the Youth Alliance Against Media Monsters are planning to stage an overnight sit-in protest today at Liberty Square to urge the government to reject the controversial Next Media Group deal.