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To Microsoft

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Dear Sir or Madam:

For two centuries, America had been admired by the rest of the world as the “land of the free.”  And it is this freedom that fostered the information revolution.  Gave birth to Microsoft.  So that Microsoft's employees have great jobs.  Microsoft's shareholders get to enjoy great wealth.  Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Steve Balmer, etc. made it to the Forbes 400.

Unfortunately, not every country in the world gets to enjoy freedom the American way.

And there are always enemies of democracy that attempt to use all kinds of excuses to subjugate the rest of the world under their despicable ambition.  On Monday, June 8th, the world had witnessed such evil ambitions in action again.  This time, Beijing flagrantly insists that all PC makers must install Green Dam – Youth Escort on all units that are to be sold in China by the First of July.

I urge you to reject Chinese Communists’ demand.

The benefit of the Chinese PC market is not worth Microsoft’s reputation.  An IT firm’s role in our society, above all, is to enhance the qualities of our lives by facilitating the free flow of information.  So that everyone in the world can experience democracy by freely speaking their mind and expressing themselves.

It is a great irony that Beijing announced its despicable intention to dictate the information flow only four days after the twentieth anniversary of Tienanmen Square.  Without democracy, there will be no “free” markets.  Without free markets, there will be no capitalism that eventually gave birth to the information revolution and Microsoft.

Let freedom ring.

Yi-Chang (Leo) Wang
Taiwan Tati Cultural and Educational Foundation
June 10, 2009; Wednesday

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Academia Sinica researcher David Huang, Taiwan Brain Trust president Wu Rong-i, Taiwan Association of University Professors president Chang Yen-hsien and People First Party Deputy Secretary-General Liu Wen-hsiung, left to right, speak at a forum about President Ma Ying-jeou’s inauguration speech in Taipei yesterday.
Photo: Liu Hsin-de, Taipei Times

President Ma Ying-jeou’s (馬英九) inaugural speech on Sunday was vague, conflicting and cliched, addressing neither what should be done to solve domestic economic woes nor uphold Taiwan’s sovereignty, political analysts told a forum yesterday.

The president did not address what he would do to rejuvenate Taiwan’s economy, nor did he apologize for a series of ill-advised policies, such as fuel and electricity price increases and the controversy over imports of meat containing the feed-additive ractopamine, said Wu Rong-i (吳榮義), president of the Taiwan Brain Trust think tank, which organized the forum.