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Worshiping the Taiwanese Divinities

All articles shown in this category are translated by Leo Wang, member of Tati Youth Volunteer Corps, directly from the book, Taiwanese People Worshiping the Taiwanese Divinities, Rejecting to be a Rootless People by Dr. Yang Hsu-Tung, Chairman of Taiwan Tati Cultural and Educational Foundation.

After the Red Tide, Let's Discuss a Prescription For It

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The current social unrests caused by Taiwan’s “red guards” (Red Shirt Armies) originate from KMT old guards’ faction pouncing back.  They want indulge in the old status quo as well as the unrighteous and unjustified spoils derived from such ancient regime.  Their distrusting of Taiwanese people is simply the voodoo of one-party national education based on the Greater China chauvinism.  The deficiency of education about democracy in Taiwan also aggravates this cohort’s apprehensive and panic state of mind.

My personal analysis on pathology of Taiwan’s current situation from the medical professional’s viewpoint:


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Despite repeated warnings by the Ministry of National Defense to curb their visits to China, retired senior military personnel are continuing to make such trips — and sometimes as part of a group, a top official has said.

The official, who requested anonymity, said a delegation of generals led by retired general and former director of the General Political Warfare Department Hsu Li-nung (許歷農) visited Beijing over the weekend to attend the Huangpu seminar organized by the Beijing government.

Hsu’s “Chung Shang Huangpu Cross-Strait Ties” seminar launched its first activities in Taiwan last year, with Beijing mobilizing the families or descendants of Huangpu military school graduates to come to Taiwan, the official said.