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1961 2009-05-07 Fed up with Ma Govment! Walk out for Taiwan! (Day 16th Gathering) Administrator 405
1962 2009-05-07 Flower, Grass and Memorial Wall at Holy Mountain Administrator 668
1963 2009-05-06 Fed up with Ma Govment! Walk out for Taiwan! (Day 16th Gathering) Administrator 498
1964 2009-05-03 Holy Mountain Movement - Ecological Education Park Administrator 767
1965 2009-04-30 Roaming in Holy Mountain Administrator 728
1966 2009-04-30 Visits Holy Mountain - 908 National Build Movement Org. Administrator 380
1967 2009-04-27 Fed up with Ma Govment! Walk out for Taiwan! (Day 6th Rally) Administrator 495
1968 2009-04-25 The Ritual Ceremony on the First of April (Lunar Calendar) Administrator 536
1969 2009-04-25 228 Memorial Wall Administrator 557
1970 2009-04-19 Anti-leaning Towards China, Saving Taiwan People Rally Administrator 491
1971 2009-04-18 Ceremony of Consecrating Taiwanese Divinities' Monument Administrator 699
1972 2009-04-12 Taiwan Crisis, People Mobilization Administrator 602
1973 2009-04-12 Holy Mountain Activity - Slope Finishing Administrator 604
1974 2009-04-11 Taiwan Deserves More International Space Administrator 445
1975 2009-04-05 Holy Mountain Cultivation Administrator 564
1976 2009-04-04 228 Taiwan Divinities Monument Administrator 579
1977 2009-04-02 The Memorial of the Taiwanese Martyred Spirit Liao Shu-Hsin Administrator 567
1978 2009-03-29 The grand opening ceremony of Dr. Sheu's Clinic Branch Office Administrator 444
1979 2009-03-29 Holy Mountain Movement Administrator 620
1980 2009-03-28 Protest Rally Against Government Official Kuo Kuan-ying's Racist Remarks Administrator 529
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The recent “Jasmine Revolution” and the effect it has had on autocratic political systems has shown that forces are in place for a new wave of democracy and that these could erupt at any time. These recent events also show that this force has a way of reaching areas situated near each other. The Internet has become a new tool for disseminating information about democracy and this is something that traditional theories on democratization never foresaw. The middle class, new social movements and even opposition parties have all fallen into the background and have been replaced with a new form of mass communication that is more democratic and decentralized.