A-Bian and Taiwanese Divinities’ Pact through Life and Death

Thursday, 19 March 2009 14:56 Taiwan Tati Cultural & Educational Foundation Editorials of Interest - Diaxde Volunteers

On Thursday February 12th of 2009, Taiwan Tati Cultural and Educational Foundation’s e-generation representatives arrived at the TuchengDetentionCenter to express our young friends’ concerns for Taiwan’s judicial system and President “A-Bian’s” recent well-being, as well as presenting warmth to President A-Bian.

During the meeting, our Foundation’s representatives also elaborately depicted to President A-Bian our Foundation’s long-term advocacy for nation-building faith based on the Way of Taiwanese Divinities. President A-Bian subsequently and promptly expressed endorsements; and also agreed to take the oath of pursuing the footsteps of Taiwanese Divinities’ sacrifices and giving’s, “loyally follow our Predecessors’ spirits of protecting Taiwan, guarding Taiwan, and nation building, as well as to inherit and perpetuate such Heavenly Duty so as to strive from life to death for democratic nation-building in Taiwan.”


1. The Significance of Advocating Taiwanese Divinities

Taiwan Tati Cultural and Educational Foundation’s long-term advocacy in Taiwanese culture and education has especially emphasized the Way of the February 28th Taiwanese Divinities’ as the faith for nation-building. The named Way of the Taiwanese Divinities is a faithful pursue of Taiwan’s Great Predecessors in pro-democracy movements as well as Their spirits of altruistic contributions and sacrifices for civil justices and public principles; then, with full determination, pledge an oath to always stand by the many Taiwan-Protecting Great Bodhisattvas.

2. How did the Way of Taiwanese Divinities Lay the Basis of Relationship with President A-Bian

President A-Bian had, over the past eight years, help planted Taiwan’s cultural education and Taiwan’s national consciousness; in addition to defending Taiwan’s sovereign independence. This perfectly corresponds to the Way of Taiwanese Divinities’ “Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy and Nation-Building’s” text of “…let our Ship in the Oceans become the world’s paragon of democracy – the Republic of Taiwan.”

3. A Close Contact of President A-Bian and Taiwanese Divinities

On November 1st of 2008, in the “Reject China, Pray for Taiwan” evening rally, President A-Bian, in remembrance of Their spirit of great love for Taiwan, then paid respect our Great Predecessors with pure incense in hands. (A short film shown below )

4. How the E-Generation Introduced the Way of Taiwanese Divinities to President A-Bian

On February 12th of 2009, two e-generationers of Taiwan Tati Cultural and Educational Foundation traveled to TaipeiDetentionCenter at Tucheng to visit President A-Bian and talked about the Taiwanese Divinities’ spirit of sacrificing and striving for Taiwan throughout the past several hundred years as well as the “Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy and Nation-Building.” When our youths read the Pledge of Allegiance word-by-word, President A-Bian listened attentively with serious concentration.

5. President A-Bian is Willing to Follow the Spirits of the Taiwanese Divinities

When our youths finished reading the Way of Taiwanese Divinities’ “Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy and Nation-Building,” President A-Bian enthusiastically nodded then waved his hands in the air, as if to sign one’s name; and said, “I am willing to take the oath! I will follow up with my signature!” This pronouncement comes straight from President A-Bian’s guts and in the same time struck agitation into the hearts of our youths on the spot. (Due to thick glasses as separator in the visiting room, the President could not have signed on the spot. The Pledge of Allegiance was signed by the President ex post and mailed to our Foundation. The President’s Trait Name is Tsan Fan [贊凡].)

Below is President A-Bian’s personally hand-written and signed returning mail’s envelope (above) and Pledge of Allegiance (below) respectively. In order to keep in their original appearances, please do not make any changes or alterations:

The following is a copy of “Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy and Nation-Building” translated into English. This is the “literally translated” version of the Pledge

The Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy and Nation-Building

The exalted and eminent Taiwanese Martyred Spirits of the February 28th Movement, Your spirits of altruistic contributions and sacrifices for civil justices and public principles, and Your generous giving of Your spirits, souls and bodies to Taiwan, the strides You took following the supreme way of bodhisattva, are highly esteemed by the people of the Republic of Taiwan, as achieving the Great Cultivation following the Great Way of the Universe, and as the Cataclysm Averting Angels whom the Lord placed among the humanities. We, hereby, pledge the allegiance to follow Your footsteps; and to strive to defend Taiwan, protect Taiwan, and support democratic nation-building. Thus, we pray that all of You, Great Honored Spirits, to Heavenly bless and protect us, endow us with the unison of the Divine and the mortal: for us to accomplish the Great Destiny of Nation-Building, and ensure unending vitality for our children and children’s children of the Republic of Taiwan, as well as permanent peace and perpetual prosperity; and let our Ship in the Oceans become the world’s paragon of democracy – the Republic of Taiwan.

The Follower _______________

On _____(date)_____

6. Tati and President A-Bian Insist on the Spirit of the February 28th Movement as the Nation-Building Faith

President A-Bian signed a “through life and death” pact with Taiwan-Protecting Great Bodhisattvas of the February 28th Movement, and transformed into a phoenix in flame. Rise up to strive! Best wishes to our fellow cultivator, Tsan Fan’s resurrection! Christ’s light and warmth. In harmonious unison with Taiwanese Divinities. No regrets. No remorse.

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