Wild Strawberries at Taichung-What I See and What I Hear

Tuesday, 18 November 2008 09:43 Dr. Hsu-Tung Yang & translated by Leo Wang

The student demonstrators’ “Wild Strawberries Movement” is a pro-democracy movement that perpetuates the “Wild Lily Student Movement” that also possesses globally accepted values with wide ramifications.  This time around, the fact that the students were able to conduct peaceful demonstrations to demand democracy, freedom, human rights, and legal justices; is an achievement of democracy and education of democratic principles from 20 years of combined administrations of former presidents Lee Tung-Hui and Chen Shui-Bian.

Without debating whether you are for Taiwanese Independence or unification, or pro-Blue or Green; the basic values of Taiwan’s democracy, freedom, human rights, and legal justices can not, and will not, be entirely wiped out simply because of “Chen Yunlin’s visit to Taiwan.”


In the days of my generation, we participated in the Formosa Incident (also known as the Kaohsiung Incident), and have the memory the White Terror fully ingrained.  In the time of the “Wild Lily Student Movement,” there was also the problematic issue of military’s attempt to seize political power as well as the party elites’ full control of the government and politics.  As for today, the self-motivated student movement of 2008 originates from the self-awareness of a new generation – the new new strawberries generation.


Their sense that their lives are being disturbed, and their survivals are being threatened, are not influenced by the so-called differences in the political point of view.


Therefore, for those 23 million people who live at Taiwan, or the Taiwanese people who currently reside in foreign countries, and Chinese people who still possess conscience, all must respond to this human rights movement that will influence the Chinese people all over the world.


Not to mention that the Chinese people who live in China need the inculcation of the Wild Strawberries even more so! 

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