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Slavery on China’s plantations

The Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 set into motion the liberation of slaves from the shackles of forced labor in US cotton plantations. It almost beggars belief that 156 years later, the cotton industry has again become mired in slavery — but this time on another continent, in China’s Xinjiang.

The Wall Street Journal in May reported on forced labor in Xinjiang’s cotton sector, lifting the lid on the industry’s dirty secret and implicating some of the world’s largest fashion brands, including H&M, Esprit and Adidas, in modern-day slavery.


Protests ‘blossom everywhere,’ HK facing ‘collapse’

Riot police run down a road covered with bricks in the Central business district of Hong Kong yesterday.
Photo: Bloomberg

Pro-democracy protesters yesterday stepped up a “blossom everywhere” campaign of road blocks and vandalism across Hong Kong that has crippled the territory this week and ignited some of the worst violence in five months of unrest.


All languages equally important

As the government moves to rectify the devastating past suppression of languages such as Hoklo (also known as Taiwanese), Hakka and the various Aboriginal tongues, it has become common to read news reports in which people question such policies and the importance of learning such languages.

Just months after National Taiwan University professors shut down a student representative who spoke Hoklo at a university cooperative shop board meeting, oddly comparing speaking Hoklo to smoking cigarettes, controversy erupted again last week.


Police shoot protester, man set on fire in Hong Kong

A man is led away by police officers during a protest in the Central district of Hong Kong yesterday.
Photo: Bloomberg

A police officer yesterday shot a masked protester in an incident shown live on Facebook and a man was set on fire during one of the most violent days of clashes in Hong Kong since pro-democracy unrest erupted more than five months ago.


Taiwan’s economy on the upswing

With only two months remaining before next year’s presidential election, more negative views of Taiwan’s economic growth and social development are coming from the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT), even though Taiwanese stocks have continued rising, exceeding 11,500 points last week, and the nation’s GDP growth has been surpassing expectations and may outpace regional trade rivals this year.

Taiwan’s economic development is moving in the right direction, as the US-China trade dispute has been a wake-up call, and the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government has responded with efforts to entice companies away from China to invest in Taiwan.


HK protesters vandalize subway, mall

A protester kicks away a tear gas canister as demonstrators and police clash outside a shopping mall in Hong Kong yesterday.
Photo: AP

Protesters yesterday smashed windows in a subway station and a shopping mall, and police made arrests across Hong Kong amid anger over a demonstrator’s death and the arrest of pro-democracy lawmakers.

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Democratic candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton speaks at a campaign event in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on March 28.
Photo: Reuters

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