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Self-respect gains respect

Former president Lee Teng-hui (李登輝) on Sunday said something that pierces right to the crux of the problem facing Taiwan.

“We are not afraid of China’s deliberate acts to belittle Taiwan; on the contrary, down deep in our hearts we cannot belittle ourselves. Some people — entrapped by the ‘Greater China’ mindset — have lost [the horizons of] selfhood, lost expectation; not knowing what course to take, [they] succumb to the Chinese communists’ hegemony and are brought over by shortsightedness and lured by profits,” Lee said during a dinner gathering with Taiwanese expatriates in Okinawa, Japan.


Taiwan said to be asked to join US relief drill

The US Navy has invited Taiwan to participate in the Pacific Partnership humanitarian relief training mission in the Solomon Islands in August, a senior defense official said on condition of anonymity.

Washington has been working toward giving Taiwan a greater role in the Pacific Partnership long before the US Senate began mulling hospital ship visits to Taiwan, although those efforts have received little publicity, the official said.


Foreign representatives conclude Penghu outing

Penghu County Commissioner Chen Kuang-fu, left, shakes hands with a member of a group of 32 foreign ambassadors and representatives to Taiwan visiting the county on Friday.
Photo: CNA

A group of foreign ambassadors and representatives to Taiwan and their family members yesterday completed a two-day trip to Penghu arranged by Minister of Foreign Affairs Joseph Wu (吳釗燮) to promote the nation’s tourism and deepen foreigners’ understanding of Taiwan.


Warming ties between Taiwan, US

In a major attempt to boost US-Taiwan ties, a new American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) complex was inaugurated in Taipei on Tuesday last week.

“We should all be proud of this milestone, which is a symbol of the close cooperation and enduring friendship between the United States and Taiwan,” AIT Director Kin Moy said at the event.


NDF used to help China infiltrate firms, NPP says

New Power Party Executive Chairman Huang Kuo-chang shows a chart during a news conference in Taipei yesterday during which the party alleged that the National Development Fund might have been used to help Chinese state-owned companies infiltrate Taiwanese businesses.
Photo: Liao Chen-huei, Taipei Times

The National Development Fund (NDF) might have been used to help Chinese state-owned companies infiltrate Taiwanese businesses, the New Power Party (NPP) said yesterday.


Taiwan has to assert its sovereignty to the world

The Chinese dictatorship on the other side of the Taiwan Strait is fond of claiming that Taiwan is “part of China.”

Beijing has also been busy poaching Taiwan’s diplomatic allies and demanding that the world’s airlines change Taiwan’s name to Taiwan (China).

It is essential that the government issues the following robust response: “Taiwan is not part of China.”

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Supporters of the Occupy Central with Love and Peace movement march during a protest in Hong Kong yesterday.
Photo: EPA

Thousands of pro-democracy activists clad in black marched silently through Hong Kong yesterday, holding banners saying they felt betrayed and angry at Beijing’s refusal to allow fully democratic elections for the territory’s next chief executive in 2017.

The protesters, who carried enormous black cloth ribbons through the streets, also held up signs calling for further civil disobedience and cheering on students planning to boycott classes.