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China certain to break ‘peace treaty’

Tomorrow Tibetans around the world are to mark the 60th anniversary of National Uprising Day, commemorating the day when hundreds of thousands of Tibetans surrounded Norbulinka Palace in Lhasa to protect the Dalai Lama against a possible Chinese kidnapping attempt: It was a peaceful protest against the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) rule over Tibet and its harsh occupation by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).


Su demands action on violence

Armed police officers raid the night club X-Cube in Taichung on Wednesday.
Photo: Chang Jui-chen, Taipei Times

Premier Su Tseng-chang (蘇貞昌) yesterday reiterated a warning to late-night entertainment proprietors and local police to better combat street fighting after a spate of violence in the past few weeks.


Traitors need to be rooted out now

In an interview, newly appointed National Security Council Deputy Director-General Arthur Iap (葉國興) said: “The current domestic situation is grim, the enemy is already in the country.”

Regardless of what Taiwan’s future looks like, and regardless of whether the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) salvages the situation, this statement will become a classic.


Taiwan — not Zhonghua — minzu

“When I hear the word ‘culture,’ that’s when I reach for my revolver.” So goes the mistranslated and often misattributed line from German playwright Hanna Johst’s Schlageter.

Although Hermann Goering might not have said it, it does fit his character or that of any dedicated, hardline pragmatist wary of being manipulated by “fancy words.”


Senators urge visit by Trump official

The new American Institute in Taiwan compound is pictured in Taipei’s Neihu District on June 12 last year.
Photo: Chang Chia-ming, Taipei Times

Sixteen US senators on Monday wrote a joint letter urging US President Donald Trump to send a Cabinet official to Taipei next month to attend a major event to be held by the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT).


Nation protests WHO denigration: Wu

A child receives a vaccination shot at a hospital in Huaibei in China’s Anhui Province on July 26 last year.
Photo: AFP

Taiwan did not participate in a WHO-organized vaccines conference in Beijing on Feb. 21 to protest the global body’s denigration of the country, Minister of Foreign Affairs Joseph Wu (吳釗燮) said yesterday.

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A severely burned Phuntsok

New Delhi, 29 April 2011: The Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD) is deeply concerned at the massive security crackdown in Ngaba County, Sichuan, and other Tibetan areas in present day China. The crackdown has been severe in the past 43 days in Ngaba County and Kirti Monastery has been targetted particularly.

Since the self-immolation of 20-year-old monk Phuntsok on 16 March 2011 in protest against Chinese rule in Tibet, scores of Tibetans have protested at the inhumane treatment given to him by the police while extinguishing flame. The extreme response by the Chinese security forces has led to around 37 detentions as well as four deaths (self-immolation by Phuntsok and three beaten to death) in the security crackdown.