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Taiwan, As the World Turns in February, Chou Hsi-wei Breaks down in Tears

It was another dramatic Taiwan Kodak moment and Chou Hsi-wei was there in the midst of it. After many years of incompetent rule, this Mayor of Taipei County with his flair for grandiose drama tearfully announced that he would not run for re-election. Why? It wasn't that he did not want to run; it was that his party, the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) politely refused to let him. Five crucial elections are coming up in December and the Mayor of the newly formed Sinbei City where Chou would run is one of them. The KMT cannot afford to lose any one of the five, but Sinbei City is one of the more crucial.


Chinese execute Tibetans

Tibetans on pilgrim to India are shot and murdered on sight as they are walking across mountain by Chinese soldiers sick harrowing and true...


Ma aims to erase Taiwan citizenship

Through an apparent "slip of the tongue" last week, President Ma Ying-jeou sent a message to the world that his right-wing Chinese Nationalist Party (Kuomintang) government does not consider Taiwan to be a "state."

During a meeting last Wednesday with U.S Representative James Sensenbrenner Jr, Ma was quoted in a news release issued by the Office of the President as stating that "this year we will sign with the China mainland a 'cross-strait economic framework agreement' which we hope will institutionalize the over NT$100 billion in trade between the two countries."


Without birds, arms sales is theater

If anyone had doubts about Taiwan’s ability to defend itself, a report released by the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) recently is sure to turn those into nightmares.

The agency’s assessment painted a bleak portrait of Taiwan’s Air Force, with quasi-obsolete Mirage 2000s and F-5s likely to be mothballed, while the aging fleet of F-16s and Indigenous Defense Fighters are in dire need of refurbishing. In fact, even if those models were upgraded, their limited capabilities put into question Taiwan’s ability to achieve air superiority against the People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF), which in recent years has rapidly transformed and modernized — thanks largely to sales and technology transfers from Russia.


Ma bears responsibility for Taiwan's security

Controversial National Security Council Secretary-General Su Chi clearly aimed to defuse an inevitable political storm by resigning two days before the annual lunar new year holiday, but this act cannot cover up either Su's own incompetence or President Ma Ying-jeou's political responsibility for the damage caused to Taiwan's security during the first 20 months of his term.

Former Taiwan representative to Singapore Hu Wei-jen, the son of the late ultraconservative Chinese Nationalist Party (Kuomintang) general Hu Tsung-jen, will take over as Ma's national security advisor tomorrow.


Beijing’s ‘arrogance’ has US on defensive

For several years, China has repeatedly accused the US of “arrogance.” Now some Americans have taken to asserting the same about China.

There is a difference, however. Chinese allegations are publicly orchestrated via spokesmen for the government, the Chinese Communist Party, the People’s Liberation Army and government-controlled press and television news. Withering Chinese criticism has been aimed at US President Barack Obama’s meeting last week with the Dalai Lama, the Tibetan spiritual leader, at the White House.

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Former president Chen Shui-bian steps out of a prison van as he is taken to attend a session at the Taiwan High Court on June 29.
Photo courtesy of Taipei Press Photographers’ Association

Former president Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) said yesterday that he was working on his seventh book in jail and that he expected the One Side, One Country Alliance (一邊一國連線) he established to make great strides in municipal elections in 2014.

Chen, who has been in prison since he was convicted of corruption in December 2008, said he “would definitely go out of prison alive and keep working toward his goal of one country on each side” in a press release issued by his office yesterday.