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Alliance, DPP must focus on shared goal

On Saturday, two rallies were held to oppose China’s ambitions to annex Taiwan. One of them, organized by the Formosa Alliance in Taipei, used “Referendum yes! Annexation no!” as its main slogan, while the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) held a separate march in Kaohsiung under the slogan “No annexation! Defend Taiwan!” The main difference concerns their attitudes toward allowing referendums on national sovereignty.

Those who oppose such referendums say that independence cannot be achieved solely through such a process. They say that the international situation should be carefully assessed and foreign policies should be enacted that draw allies great and small, and gradually gain endorsements of the nation’s sovereign status. They say that the referendum demand could blur the focus of the Nov. 24 nine-in-one elections, while not helping to promote opposition to annexation.


Taiwan’s Christians should stand up

China and the Vatican have signed a provisional agreement for the appointment of Catholic bishops in China. The Vatican hopes that facilitating dialogue with Beijing will contribute to improving the lives of Chinese Catholics, the well-being of all Chinese and world peace.

Yet Chinese authorities are investigating and clamping down on family churches and banning minors from entering religious institutions.


Ministry confirms US warships’ Strait activity

The USS Antietam, a US Navy guided-missile cruiser that passed through the Taiwan Strait on Monday, is pictured in an undated photograph.
Photo: AP

The Ministry of National Defense on Monday evening confirmed that two US warships had sailed through the Taiwan Strait with a northerly bearing, after entering the channel from the seas near Oluanpi (鵝鑾鼻).


Killing for money: the Chinese organ trade

US investigative writer Ethan Gutmann testified to the Third Round Table Briefing on Forced Organ Harvesting in China at the UK Parliament last week.

In his testimony, he said China was abusing organ transplantations, which were originally meant to save lives.

Gutmann also said that the abuses are not contained within China’s borders and involve the entire international medical community.


Cabinet task force to probe derailment

An aerial photograph taken yesterday shows carriages of the Puyuma Express train that derailed on Sunday afternoon in Yilan County.
Photo: Daniel Shih, AFP

The Cabinet yesterday established a task force to investigate Sunday’s deadly train accident in Yilan County.

The 15-member task force is led by Minister Without Portfolio Wu Tze-cheng (吳澤成), while Bureau of High Speed Rail Director-General Allen Hu (胡湘麟) serves as executive secretary and spokesman, Cabinet spokeswoman Kolas Yotaka said.


Firms in China face policy risk

Data released by the Chinese National Bureau of Statistics on Friday showed that China’s GDP growth slowed to 6.5 percent in the third quarter, the lowest since early 2009. China’s growth faces increasing pressure from the US-China trade war, Beijing’s financial deleveraging and property curbs, the US Federal Reserve’s interest rate hikes and a weakening yuan that is prompting capital outflows.

The People’s Bank of China has lowered its reserve requirement ratio four times to encourage lending and has urged banks to increase lending to cash-starved small companies, but Chinese media have reported that banks’ loan requirements for small firms and private companies remain stringent, and further reserve requirement reduction is expected.

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Despite pressure from Beijing and local tourism operators, the Kaohsiung City Government yesterday said a documentary on prominent Uighur independence activist Rebiya Kadeer would be screened at the upcoming Kaohsiung Film Festival as planned.

“The selection of the films at the festival was made by the film committee, an independent commission, months ago. We respect its decision,” said Hung Chih-kun (洪智坤), director of Kaohsiung City Mayor Chen Chu’s (陳菊) office.