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FTV blames Terry Gou for cable TV row

A screen grab from cable TV provider Taiwan Broadband Communications yesterday shows no signal from the Formosa News channel with an announcement that it has temporarily been unable to obtain broadcast authorization from the channel.
Photo: CNA

Formosa TV (FTV, 民視) has accused Hon Hai Group (鴻海集團) chairman Terry Gou (郭台銘) of politically motivated censorship of the media after Taiwan Broadband Communications (TBC, 台灣寬頻通訊) cut access to FTV-owned channels yesterday morning.


Civil society can assist Taiwan with challenges

Taiwan’s future independence relies in part on the nation’s ability to activate the vast potential of civil society, as the government cannot not speak and act freely.

China is increasingly pressuring multinational companies and strong European countries to list Taiwan as a province of China. This includes hotels, airlines and countries like Sweden. Moreover, Beijing is influencing or creating various cultural events in Europe to emphasize its perspective.


Association, groups rally support for a jury system

Members of the Taiwan Jury Association and groups advocating Taiwanese independence yesterday demonstrated outside the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) headquarters in Taipei to demand that the government implement a jury system.

Protest leaders said they want a “true jury system,” not the “citizen judge” system favored by the Judicial Yuan.


Transitional justice committee must clarify facts, responsibility: alliance

An alliance tasked with monitoring the transitional justice promotion committee on Monday urged the committee to clarify facts and responsibilities.

The Act on Promoting Transitional Justice (促進轉型正義條例), passed by the Legislative Yuan in December last year, required the government to set up an independent committee for implementing transitional justice measures, including the declassification of state archives, the removal of authoritarian icons and the rehabilitation of victims of political persecution.


Checkbook diplomacy is a dead end

After Panama last year, China has poached another of Taiwan’s diplomatic allies, with the Dominican Republic on Monday announcing it was severing ties with Taipei and switching recognition to Beijing.

The question now is: How is purchasing diplomatic recognition in a losing battle of “checkbook diplomacy” with China congruent with the government’s goal to project Taiwan on the world stage as a mature and responsible democracy and a trusted international partner?


NTU committee’s failures exposed

The furor over National Taiwan University’s (NTU) presidential appointment has continued, despite the Ministry of Education’s decision on Saturday to reject the election committee’s selection of Kuan Chung-ming (管中閔).

In its explanation, the ministry stressed that higher standards are needed, given that a university president is the navigator of a school’s direction, not to mention that NTU leads the nation’s institutions of higher education.

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A new study published this week by Foreign Policy magazine concludes that Taiwan remains the one place in the world where China and the US “could conceivably come into direct conflict.”

Drew Thompson, director of China studies at the Nixon Center in Washington and author of the study, wrote: “Some wonder whether China and the United States are on a collision course. Unquestionably, there is deep strategic mistrust between the two countries. China’s rapid economic growth, steady military modernization and relentless nationalistic propaganda at home are shaping Chinese public expectations and limiting possibilities for compromise with other powers.”