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Initiatives cannot fool Taiwanese

Over the past two weeks, the public has gotten a good look into how Beijing’s two-handed Taiwan strategy is being put into practice.

First, on Feb. 28, China’s Taiwan Affairs Office announced 31 measures it billed as “incentives,” saying that the new regulations would benefit Taiwanese, as they were devised specifically to improve the rights of Taiwanese studying, working, living or starting a business in China.


Taiwan backs US-Japan strategy: official

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Wu Chih-chung, center, speaks at “Taiwan’s Opportunities under Indo-Pacific Security Strategies” forum organized by the Taiwan Think Tank in Taipei yesterday.
Photo: Chang Chia-ming, Taipei Times

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Wu Chih-chung (吳志中) yesterday reaffirmed the government’s commitment and readiness to working with the US and Japan to maintain regional peace and stability, adding that the country aims to be recognized as an important partner with countries in the Indo-Pacific region.


West should forget about China, focus on Taiwan

Recently, major news media in the US and Europe have been awash with analyses on how the West got China wrong. Prominent publications such as the London-based magazine The Economist (“How the West got China wrong,” March 1) argue that since former US president Richard Nixon’s opening to China, the West had hoped that diplomatic and commercial engagement would bring political and economic openness, but that the gamble has failed.


Rights groups rally to commemorate Tibetan Uprising

Tibetan exiles and members of rights groups shout slogans and carry Tibetan snow lion flags as they march in Taipei yesterday to mark the 1959 Tibetan Uprising.

About 200 people yesterday marched in downtown Taipei to commemorate the 1959 Tibetan Uprising, calling for an end to China’s oppression of Tibet.


Taiwanese will not sell out to China that easily

China never stops menacing Taiwan through propaganda and military threats, and its “united front” strategy is all-pervasive. The so-called “incentives” announced by China’s Taiwan Affairs Office last week are just another tactic aimed at buying off Taiwan.

Taiwanese are businesspeople. Business is conducted based on an economic rationale and sometimes even in compliance with strict economic rationalism.


Envoy tells German firms to restore Taiwan’s name

Representative to Germany Shieh Jhy-wey (謝志偉) on Wednesday said he has written to several major German companies demanding that they stop listing Taiwan as part of China on their Web sites.

Shieh was referring in particular to Lufthansa and Mercedes-Benz, which have listed Taiwan on their English-language Web sites as “Taiwan, China,” as well as Bosch, which uses “Taiwan (China)” on its Web site.

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Protesters hold up placards bearing Chinese characters that are a coarse play on words during a demonstration against President Ma Ying-jeou in Taipei yesterday.

Around 1,000 people joined a “pajama parade” yesterday — though only a handful of people actually wore pajamas — organized by artists unhappy with President Ma Ying-jeou’s (馬英九) leadership, calling on him to step down or to stop getting paid.

Following banners that read “stop paying the incompetent” and a woman dressed up as a Chinese zombie to portray Ma’s administration as a “zombie government,” demonstrators departed from the assembly point in front of the National Taiwan University and headed toward Ketagalan Boulevard in front of the Presidential Office, before moving on to Liberty Square for a rally in the evening.