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PTS Hoklo channel’s fate still uncertain

The Ministry of Culture’s budget for establishing a Hoklo (commonly known as Taiwanese) TV channel has been passed by the Cabinet. If everything goes smoothly, a Public Television Service Hoklo channel will start airing next year.

The government established Hakka TV and Taiwan Indigenous TV during former president Chen Shui-bian’s (陳水扁) administration.


Taiwan must act on US goodwill

When she stopped over in Los Angeles on Aug. 13 on her way to Paraguay, President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) paid a visit to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, where she made a public statement in which she quoted the former US president, saying: “Everything [is] negotiable except two things: our freedom and our future.”

Some observers have interpreted Tsai’s remark as an olive branch to Beijing.


Taiwanese must band together to face China

The day after President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) returned from her most recent overseas state visit, El Salvador severed diplomatic ties with Taiwan and switched allegiance to China. The timing was clearly carefully chosen by Beijing as part of its ongoing psychological war against Taiwan.

This shows that Beijing was nervous about Tsai’s overseas visit and fears an improving US-Taiwan relationship. It also exposes China’s lack of mental toughness. Conversely, the Taiwanese public has grown up under China’s threat and is used to Beijing’s games, so after the news broke, the stock market continued its rally and even closed at the day’s high.


Time to fight sugar-coated poison pills from China

China’s announcement that Taiwanese can apply for residence permits is tantamount to a unilateral unification announcement, but the Taiwanese government did nothing. Is it just waiting to be unified?

Taiwan’s system is different: The government issues 10-digit ID numbers to all foreigners in Taiwan, except tourists, but China has never issued an 18-digit identification number to foreigners. Offering it now only to Taiwanese, Hong Kongers and Macanese bears profound political implications.


Referendum submissions expected

Members of the Tokyo Olympics for Taiwan Name Rectification Action Working Group are pictured outside Douliou Train Station in Yunlin County on Aug. 15.
Photo: Chan Shih-hung, Taipei Times

Documentation supporting 20 referendum questions that have entered the second-stage signature drive are yet to be submitted to the Central Election Commission, with time running out before the Nov. 24 local elections, the commission said yesterday.


French professor says Beijing stuck in wartime values

The loss of El Salvador as a diplomatic ally to China has confirmed that Chinese decisionmakers are far from adopting modern values of cooperation, tolerance and mutually beneficial gains, a French specialist in cross-strait relations said on Tuesday.

The way the Chinese decisionmakers deal with Taiwan and the Taiwan issue worldwide “remains entrenched in pre-Second World War [WW2] values of sheer force, brutal diplomacy, territorial conquest and crude national interests,” said Stephane Corcuff, a professor of political science at France’s Lyon University.

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A leading national security expert is calling for a major change in US policy toward Taiwan.

“It is time for US clarity on Taiwan — strategic ambiguity has run its course,” said Joseph Bosco, a former China desk specialist at the Pentagon.