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Guam, Taiwan’s brother in arms

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s threat that he would fire four missiles toward the US territory of Guam has been splashed across the world’s media. Meanwhile, Taiwan is being threatened by Chinese fighter jets, which have in recent weeks and months made repeated flights off the nation’s east coast.

Both stories have been presented in a similar fashion: Pyongyang threatens Guam with a possible attack; Beijing threatens Taiwan with invasion. The underlying message is that the people of Taiwan and Guam are brothers in arms, under siege by aggressor nations.


Power errors not nuclear disaster

On Tuesday, mistakes by CPC Corp, Taiwan personnel stopped gas supplies to the Datan Power Station in Taoyuan for two minutes, tripping all six generators at the plant. At the same time, generators were offline at Taiwan Power Co’s (Taipower, 台電) Taichung and Tongsiao power plants, as well as at Ho-Ping Power Co’s plant in Hualien County.

The result was that region after region across Taiwan experienced power outages.


Presidential guard cut in sword attack

An injured military police officer is being taken to National Taiwan University Hospital after being attacked by a man wielding a samurai sword outside the Presidential Office Building yesterday.
Photo: Lee Hsin-fang, Taipei Times

A man wielding a Japanese sword yesterday slashed a military police officer guarding the Presidential Office Building, authorities said.


Resist ‘Chinese Taipei City’ agenda

The 2017 Universiade opens tomorrow. An opinion poll released last weekend showed that 70 percent of Taipei residents did not know the opening date, and 62 percent had not felt any particular atmosphere or excitement in the lead-up to the event.

Winning the right to host the Games offered Taipei a great opportunity to raise Taiwan’s international visibility.


Critics cry foul as ‘Umbrella movement’ leaders jailed

Joshua Wong, leader of Hong Kong’s “Umbrella movement,” looks on as he addresses the media before his sentencing outside the High Court in Hong Kong yesterday.
Photo: AFP

A Hong Kong appeals court yesterday jailed three leaders of the territory’s pro-democracy “Umbrella movement” for six to eight months, dealing a blow to the youth-led push for universal suffrage and prompting accusations of political interference.


Taiwan already enjoys independence

The headline of Tony Lee’s (李木通) Taipei Times article is grossly misleading and an insult to Taiwan (“Taiwan not ready for independence,” Aug. 6, page 6). It comes from referenced remarks that Lee drew from an interview with long-time Taiwan friend Stephen Yates.

However, such referencing does not legitimize the remarks, and in this case, the analogy used does not fit. Perhaps Lee stretched Yates’ remarks to make a point.

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DHARAMSHALA, August 31: A global movement of Tibet advocacy groups has written an open letter to United Nations human rights chief, Navi Pillay, urging her to make Tibet an “urgent priority” in her second term in office, as the self-immolation toll in Tibet crossed 50 this month.

The International Tibet Network, a global coalition of 185 Tibet advocacy groups, while congratulating Pillay on the renewal of her mandate for two years beginning September 1, expressed deep concerns over her failure to speak out forcefully on the human rights situation in Tibet.