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Authors listed as Chinese in database

The nationality of several Taiwanese authors has been listed as Chinese in the Chinese Name Authority Joint Database Search System, a collaborative project between libraries from both sides of the Taiwan Strait to standardize the names of people, groups, meetings and other bodies.

Different Chinese-language authors often share a name and the use of pen names is common, so the National Library of China, the Administrative Center of China’s Academic Library & Information System and other agencies in 2003 established the Cooperative Committee for Chinese Name Authority to settle the confusion and create a standard format for cataloging.


Nobel news coverage disappoints

Coverage of the announcement that eight Republican members of the US Congress and four of their Democratic colleagues on Wednesday nominated three of the leaders of Hong Kong’s Umbrella movement, and the movement as a whole, for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize has been both illuminating and disappointing.

It was no surprise that many newspapers and wire agencies chose to focus on China’s reaction to the announcement or to imply that there was some kind of implicit bias on the part of the nominators.


Women’s league declared KMT affiliate

Director of the 908 Taiwan Republic Campaign Chilly Chen, second right, and other campaign members protest outside the National Women’s League offices in Taipei yesterday, calling on the Ministry of the Interior not to let the league get away with keeping any of its alleged ill-gotten assets.
Photo: Chien Jung-fong, Taipei Times

The government yesterday named the National Women’s League a Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT)-affiliated organization following its failure to agree to a deal with the Ill-gotten Party Assets Settlement Committee, and froze its assets, which are worth more than NT$38.5 billion (US$1.32 billion), with further action to be taken to determine and confiscate the assets.


Chinese equipment not to be trusted

Six years ago, on Jan. 29, 2012, Reuters reported on the completion of the African Union headquarters in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa. The building was paid for by the Chinese, who even provided the furniture and IT experts to set up the center’s telecommunications equipment.

While critics suspected the reasons for China’s involvement in the continent’s economic development, African leaders welcomed it. Then-Ethiopian prime minister Meles Zenawi made comparisons between China’s rise and the “beginning of the African renaissance,” which he at least partly attributed to Chinese investment in infrastructure, energy and telecom technology in Africa.


ICAO threatens Strait’s ‘status quo’

Taiwan and China in January 2015 consulted over the M503 flight route, which runs northeast to southwest about 8 nautical miles (14.8km) west of the median line of the Taiwan Strait.

At the time, China said that overland civil aviation routes from Shanghai to Guangzhou had become so congested that it needed to open a new air artery over the Strait.

Taiwan countered that air routes over the Strait were too congested for such a move, so the two sides compromised on a southbound-only opening and agreed that China would not seek additional northbound routes without prior consultation.


Beijing’s incremental moves must be countered

The Chinese government on Jan. 4 announced that is was activating northbound flights along route M503, which runs the length of the Taiwan Strait near the median line and had previously only carried southbound traffic. The unilateral decision was intended to put pressure on Taiwan and test its reaction.

The Chinese government has done similar things in relation to Japan, South Korea, India and the South China Sea. In addition to responding to the M503 affair from the military, defense and national security angles, Taiwan also needs to analyze it with regard to other, seemingly unconnected, aspects of China’s Taiwan policies to get an overall outline of China’s strategic plans.

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Demonstrators yesterday parade in front of President Tsai Ing-wen’s ancestral home in Pingtung County’s Fonggang Village to launch a campaign to commemorate the 228 Incident. The demonstrators also proposed establishing a “Republic of Taiwan” through the drafting of a new constitution.
Photo: Tsai Tsung-hsien, Taipei Times

Taiwanese history studies and cultural groups in southern Taiwan yesterday launched a series of 228 Massacre commemoration events with a rally in President Tsai Ing-wen’s (蔡英文) hometown in Pingtung County’s Fonggang (楓港), at which they called on the Tsai government to “awaken Taiwan’s soul” and to “build a new nation and draft a new constitution.”