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AIT to get US Marine security guards

The US national flag flies over the American Institute in Taiwan compound in Taipei’s Neihu District during the building’s dedication on June 12.
Photo: CNA

The US is to station Marine security guards at the American Institute in Taiwan’s (AIT) new complex in Taipei’s Neihu District (內湖), which is to begin operations in September, sources familiar with the matter said.

The mission of Marine security guards is different from that of other US Marines, whose primary mission is combat, the sources said.


Having an ideology is a thing to be proud of

With the arrival of the Internet, the diversification and circulation of information broadcasts has become rapid in democratic societies. However, social media networks have entered an era where freedom outweighs professionalism, and in doing so, social media are affecting the ideas and actions of many of the younger generation.

During the Chinese Nationalist Party’s (KMT) past party-state rule, a person had to take the views of the KMT into consideration when commenting on people or things. In the Internet era all taboos are gone when you want to criticize someone or something, as long as you stay away from defamation.


More senators blast PRC pressure

A dozen more US senators on Thursday criticized Beijing’s demand that 44 international airlines label Taiwan as part of China on their Web sites and warned that there were more offensives to come.

Following other international airlines, three leading US carriers — American Airlines, United Airlines and Delta Air Lines — on Tuesday conformed with China’s request ahead of a Wednesday deadline by leaving only “Taipei” and “TPE” on their destination lists and removing “Taiwan.”


Taichung to appeal Games’ cancelation

Taichung Mayor Lin Chia-lung, second right, speaks to reporters in Taichung yesterday.
Photo: Ou Su-mei, Taipei Times

Taichung Mayor Lin Chia-lung (林佳龍) yesterday said that the city would soon submit a petition to the East Asian Olympic Committee (EAOC) over its decision to revoke Taichung’s right to host the first East Asian Youth Games next year.


The US is waking to China’s cold war

The term “cold war” is being bandied about again. This time it is not referring to the Cold War between the former Soviet Union and the West, but to a new state of international competition in which a resurgent China seeks to restructure the international world order in a form more favorable to itself.

If China succeeds in this, it will pose an existential threat to Taiwan as a sovereign, independent nation enjoying democratic freedoms.


Taichung loses right to host Games

Taichung Mayor Lin Chia-lung holds a news conference at Taichung City Hall yesterday concerning the East Asian Olympic Committee’s decision to revoke Taichung’s right to host August next year’s East Asian Youth Games.
Photo: CNA

The East Asian Olympic Committee yesterday announced that it has revoked Taichung’s right to host the first East Asian Youth Games due to “political factors” after the city had already spent nearly NT$677 million (US$22.04 million) on preparations for the event.

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Chen Chih-chung (陳致中), the son of former president Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁), yesterday denied expressing any intention to run for public office, saying the media had misinterpreted a comment he had made a day earlier.

His comment, however, drew mixed reactions from his party, with some Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) members saying that having him run for Kaohsiung City councilor would not be a burden on the party, while others saying it could affect public perception of the party.